‘Yellowstone’ TV: Cole Hauser Hints at What Characters Will Survive in Season 4

by Jon D. B.

Will John, Beth, and Kayce Dutton make it into Yellowstone Season 4 – and 5 after? Rip Wheeler’s Cole Hauser gives a surprisingly decisive answer.

If everyone’s favorite Yellowstone actor (sorry Kevin Costner) is to be believed, then Season 4 may not be as heartbreaking as fans are anticipating. Well, depending on the fan. While some viewers are convinced at least one Dutton will die after the explosive events of Yellowstone‘s Season 3 finale, others can’t imagine the show killing off a beloved main character like Costner’s John, Luke Grimes’ Kayce, or especially Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton.

Cole Hauser, the powerhouse behind Rip Wheeler, spoke to Kathryn Walt Hall of Hall Wines recently. We’ve covered plenty of their conversation here on Outsider – but one set of dialogue from the actor stands out in a big way. And for once, it feels like good news.

“The way we concluded the fourth season, I cannot offer a lot away, but the way the fourth season concludes I assume the spectators… I assume you would be happily surprised with several things,” Hauser tells Hall for their wine-fueled sit-down.

Wait a minute. Did he just reference the ending of Season 4? We’re still waiting to see how it begins! Yellowstone’s fourth season is done filming, with production on the fifth well under way. So when Cole Hauser speaks this plainly on the matter, we fans should listen up. Especially considering the co-stars he lists by name.

“For us as actors -and I assume I can speak for everyone, even involving Kevin, Kelly Reilly, Wes Bentley, Luke Grimes, Gil Birmingham – you know, everyone is a share of it,” Hauser continues.

Did Cole Hauser Just List ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4’s Surviving Characters’ Actors By Name?

In the Yellowstone star’s eyes, the cast comes “jointly,” he says. “This is presently into our fifth year, so we can come together as a household.”

By this alone, Outsider thinks it is safe to say John, Beth, Kayce, and even Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley) will survive on for several seasons to come. The phenomenal Gil Birmingham’s Thomas Rainwater is among such ranks, too.

Again, this may not come as too much of a shock for some – but it should. Through both his filmography and television work, Yellowstone mastermind Taylor Sheridan has shown he is not one to shy away from death. With Yellowstone becoming the top-watched drama on cable television, however, he may be looking to keep his prized core cast around for years to come.

Good news, indeed! If you’re curious for more from Cole Hauser in this interview, you should be! From revealing his favorite characters on the show, to pinpointing which actor is least like their role, his 30 minute sit-down with Hall Wines turned out to be quite the fantastic “Virtual Happy Hour” for Yellowstone fans.

Within, the actor even speaks on his own Rip Wheeler’s fate for Season 5… You won’t want to miss it!