‘Yellowstone’ TV: Cole Hauser Hints at Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler’s Happily Ever After Fate in Season 4

by Thad Mitchell

Among the many questions that season four of “Yellowstone” must answer is the status of Beth Dutton and her engagement to Rip Wheeler.

We all remember how the third season of the hit series comes to an end. The fates of four primary characters, including three members of the Dutton Family, are left totally up in the air. Family patriarch John Dutton is shot in the chest several times by an unknown gunman. Most fans suspect John survives the attack due to a well-placed cell phone in his shirt pocket. Kayce Dutton is in his office and on the phone with his wife, Monica, when he comes under attack by unknown assailants. He is able to take cover behind his desk as the gunmen approach. Both Dutton men could be dead or alive as we enter a new season of “Yellowstone.”

Then there is Beth Dutton, who may have gotten the worst end of the attack. A small brown package sent to her office turns out to be a bomb and detonates inside her office. Beth very near the powerful explosion that destroys the office complex. Much like her father and brother, Beth could be dead or alive at this point. It is strongly believed that Beth survives the attack and the “Yellowstone” season four casting reveal also seems to imply her survival. So, what does this mean for Beth and her soon-to-be-husband Rip Wheeler? In a recent interview with Hall Wines, Rip Wheeler actor Cole Hauser suggests fans will be happy with the direction.

“I can’t give too much away but the way season four ends, I think the audience will be happily surprised with a lot of things,” he says.

‘Yellowstone’ Actor Cole Hauser Says Fan Will be ‘Happily Surprised’

No, he doesn’t come right out and say it, but it’s hard not to get good vibes from his answer. Perhaps the keyword here is “happily,” as in, you guessed it, “happily married.”

That is a lot to read into a short statement but, hey…we’re “Yellowstone” fans we’re allowed. What would make fans happier than a “Yellowstone” wedding? I can’t think of anything.

The romance between Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler is one of the most interesting aspects of the entire series. The two have been seeing each other off and on since they were just kids and have decided that their lives would be better spent together than apart. A Yellowstone Ranch-style wedding is what practically everyone wants to see.

But, there are obstacles in the way to conquer before anyone walks down an aisle and enters in matrimony. The first, of course, being beth surviving a bomb explosion that she was within feet of. Then, we would like to see Rip bash some heads with his “Yellowstone” bunkhouse crew. Then, with a little hope, we get to see what we have all been wanting to see — Beth and Rip live happily ever after.