‘Yellowstone’ TV: Did Cole Hauser Reveal the Title of the Season 4 Premiere Episode?

by Halle Ames

Is trouble on the horizon in season four of “Yellowstone”? Actor Cole Hauser may have hinted at the title for the premiere episode.

Cole Hauser, the actor who portrays Rip Wheeler on “Yellowstone,” may have dropped a massive hint about the upcoming season.

When Hauser sat down with Kelly Reilly (Beth) and Gil Birmingham (Chief Rainwater) for an interview with Deadline, Hauser had plenty to say about his destructive character. In addition, he may have foreshadowed a bloody “Yellowstone” season four.

Hauser teased that the first episode of season four might be titled “Wrath of Rip,” saying, “Everybody’s in danger in Montana after that.”

Everybody is in danger? That can only mean one thing- Beth is dead.

Yellowstone Season Three Finale

In the last few minutes of “Yellowstone” season four, the lives of Beth, John, Kayce, and Jimmy all hang in the balance. Jimmy was self-induced, although regardless, his life status is still unknown.

Beth was fired from Schwartz & Meyer when she pulled the stunt of messing with Market Equities. As she is cleaning out her office, she is taking everything with her- the copy paper, the coffee grounds, sugar, you name it. Heck, she earned it! Take it all, Beth!

Well, her assistant goes to retrieve everything the two ladies can hold from storage when she notices a box sitting outside Beth’s office, addressed to Beth. She hauls it back into her boss’s office, and Beth questions what the package is. The assistant isn’t sure, but she cuts open the box anyway.

“That’s weird, a box within a box?” states the assistant.

Beth quickly yells at the young woman not to touch it, obviously aware of what the box contains. Before she can react or run, BOOM. The package detonates. The assistant is 100 percent a goner, but what about Beth? She was about 20 feet away from the blast. Is that far enough to survive?

The “Yellowstone” episode cuts to a street view of the office. The windows get blown out by the impact, and dust and debris go flying out of the building’s second story onto the cars below.

But if Cole Hauser is saying that Rip is going to go on a killing spree, does that confirm that Beth is dead? Say it isn’t so!

If that is the case, I may recommend that no one gets on this cowboy’s bad side. He has nothing to lose anymore, and we already know he doesn’t care about taking a life.

June, where are you?! We need to watch “Yellowstone” season four.