‘Yellowstone’ TV: Cole Hauser Reveals Season 3 Scene With Kelly Reilly He ‘Loves’

by Hunter Miller

While Yellowstone Season 3 packed in a seemingly countless number of memorable moments, one scene sticks out in particular for series star and fan-favorite Cole Hauser. The 45-year-old actor took to social media to react to an emotional moment between his character Rip Wheeler and Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton.

“Love this scene with Kelly and I,” Hauser tweeted. The scene, which Hauser retweeted from the official Yellowstone TV account, show Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton sharing an intimate moment.

Beth enjoys a moment of freedom on the Dutton Ranch, which she explains she’s never had all to herself without anyone else around. Rip then takes Beth in his arms for a slow dance to Tyler Childers’ moving tune, “Lovely Lady May.”

Cole Hauser isn’t the only one who particularly enjoyed this scene. Dozens of his fans and followers responded to Hauser’s tweet to express how much they enjoyed this moment between Rip and Beth in Season 3.

“I so adored how he chose to hold her gently and dance with her stead of bedding her which is the obvious thing to do in that type of moment,” the user writes. “He was so loving and gentle. Reminded me of those simple loving moments in cinema of the past.”

“It shows Rip’s emotions so well and Beth’s too,” another user comments. “They can be vulnerable but only with each other. It almost felt like we were spying on them because it was so personal, if that makes sense. Great writing and amazing acting.”

‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Cole Hauser Teases Look at the Set

Earlier this month, Hauser took to Instagram to reveal a look at the gorgeous scenery while filming the upcoming fourth season of the Paramount Network series.

“Gorgeous slice of Sunday heaven #montana@yellowstone S4,” he captioned the snap.

At the beginning of October, Hauser also shared a look at the Dutton Ranch from the Season 4 set. Check out the photo here.