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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Cole Hauser Speaks Out on Trying to ‘Parent From Afar’ While Filming

by Jennifer Shea
(Photo credit: Yellowstone Gallery / Paramount Network / Viacom

Cole Hauser, who plays Rip Wheeler on “Yellowstone,” hasn’t found it easy to be away from his family while filming – first in Utah, then more recently in Montana.

The actor’s wife Cynthia and their three kids (sons Ryland, 16, Colt, 12, and daughter Steely, 7) have stayed home while Hauser shoots on location for “Yellowstone.”

Hauser Parents From Afar 

Especially during the pandemic, Hauser has realized the value of family, People reports. He said coronavirus has shown him “just how important it is to take advantage of family.”

But it’s hard being a parent at a distance. Hauser added that he relies on his sons to take care of his wife and daughter for him while he’s away.

“It’s been a little rough over the last couple of years just because I’m away for five months at a time,” Hauser said. “It’s not easy to parent from afar. Steely is an absolute pistol, and they’re great boys. When I’m away they kind of take over, making sure that mom and Steely are watched over. That’s how I raised them and I’m proud of them for that.”

Happily Surprised by Show’s Success

Through it all, Hauser believes in the show and what show creator Taylor Sheridan is trying to accomplish. He told Esquire that the show’s popularity means something to him.

“I’m happily surprised that people still care about story, character, the West,” he said. “For whatever reason, I think this younger generation has a hard time sitting and watching that.”

Still, Hauser hopes it won’t always be this way. In the future, he told People, he plans to find himself “sitting on a beach with my wife, kids will be out of the house, and we’ll have a nice little island somewhere.” 

“We’re just going to have our feet up, boat kind of out in the ocean, nothing too crazy,” Hauser added. “Just enjoying the second half of our life.”