‘Yellowstone’ TV: Cole Hauser Posts Stunning Snap of Daughter Steely Rose from Vacation in the Florida Keys

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Yellowstone‘s own Cole Hauser has been on vacation in the Keys with his family for weeks, and his latest update focuses on daughter Steely Rose.

We’ve said it numerous times in the past month, and we’ll say it again: Oh, to be a Hauser! The family’s Florida Keys stay continues, with papa Cole Hauser’s latest photo featuring his only daughter and youngest child: Steely Rose.

“Follow the light my love #steelyrose,” the Yellowstone star captions the photo while tagging his wife, Cynthia Hauser. It’s a glorious shot that captures Steely Rose paddleboarding amidst the gentle Keys water and a stunning sunset:

Steely Rose is certainly becoming every bit the Outsider her father is! We love seeing it, but they grow up so fast!

If you’re having trouble seeing Cole Hauser’s photo, be sure to follow his official Instagram here.

‘Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser is the Family Man Rip Wheeler May Never Get to Be

As a devout Yellowstone fan, that header hurt to even type. As much as we’d love to see Hauser’s Rip Wheeler become a doting dad like the actor, it never seems to be in the cards for characters like Rip. Call us crazy, but he feels destined to die hard, young, and in service to those he loves. Hopefully Yellowstone defies all expectations and Rip & Beth are the last ones standing. Or, OR, while we’re wishing – why can’t all the Duttons survive!?

And this is in no way commentary on Beth’s inability to rear children of her own, either. Beth Dutton always finds a way – and if she wants children, she will get them. Whether that’s through surrogacy or adoption or whatever options she ends up having – If Beth Dutton wants it – she gets it. Just like her father.

Regardless, we post frequently on actor Cole Hauser’s family life, as they seem to be a terrific bunch. This is in no small part due to the actor’s dedication to his lovely family. Speaking to Havok Journal last year, he told the trade that “work and family” are his biggest passions.

“I am always making time for each and every one of my children and also my wife, also, as a family together,” he told the trade. “I am good about making time for the whole family. You have to figure that balance out. But as a father and a husband you have to make the time and work just as hard at it.”

Now there’s a man! Here’s to hoping Rip gets some semblance of this with Beth come Yellowstone Season 4.