‘Yellowstone’ TV: Cole Hauser’s Son Looks Exactly Like Him in New Pic Posted by His Wife

by Kayla Zadel

To us, Cole Hauser might be Rip Wheeler, but he’s also a dad to three children. It’s hard to believe that his oldest is 16 because time has certainly been kind to the “Yellowstone” star.

This made us a do double-take when Hauser’s wife, Cynthia, posted a photo of her “baby” on Instagram. The pic looks like a throwback of Cole Hauser. However, it is in fact the couple’s 16-year-old son, Ryland.

“How is this my baby? I love seeing him grow up and be independent, but it’s also as if he’s slipping between my fingers,” Cynthia writes, concluding the caption with a hashtag for 16-and-a-half.

Ryland Hauser was snapped, smiling. It’s a smile that could definitely be traced back to his father’s grin. He’s got longer locks and blue eyes.

Followers of Hauser’s comment on the photo and echo her statement. “Looks like the perfect combination of his gorgeous parents!!! 😃” writes one person.

“He looks just like his father,” claims another. “Oh, my goodness. He looks like his daddy, circa Dazed,” this commenter references Cole Hauser’s time on the movie “Dazed and Confused.”

Cynthia and Cole Hauser have three children together, Ryland, Colt who is 12, and Steely Rose who is now eight-years-old. The Hauser’s are family people. Both Cole and Cynthia often post photos of their children or the family doing something together on social media. Last Father’s Day, Cole posted on social media about his family.

“I’m blessed with three amazing, different and healthy children,” Hauser wrote.

More recently Hauser took the family on a ski trip. He shared some posts from the event, and one specifically of his daughter skiing. “Cali skiing at its finest,” the proud father says in the post’s caption space. “Father-daughter time another beautiful day.”

Cole Hauser on Rip in ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4

Perhaps Cole Hauser will get to bring a little bit of himself to play Rip in the fourth installment of “Yellowstone.”

Rip Wheeler came out swinging as the rough and tumble right-hand man of John Dutton (Kevin Costner). Fans establish early on that Rip is not to be messed with, or else there will be repercussions.

However, as the series evolves, viewers get to see Hauser’s character soften. The major reason for this is his rekindled love with Dutton’s daughter, Beth (Kelly Reilly). While Cole Hauser wasn’t revealing any season 4 spoilers, he did comment on his character.

“I’ve had the opportunity with Rip to be able to see him grow. And talk to Taylor about the growth of the character over the years,” Cole Hauser said. “In season 4 coming up, it’s more of that, more of seeing Rip evolve.”

Season 4 of “Yellowstone” is coming this June.