‘Yellowstone’ TV: Cole Hauser’s Son Ryland Looks Like His Twin in Series of New Snaps

by Thad Mitchell

Yellowstone fans, including us here at Outsider, are counting the days until our favorite modern western drama returns.

Much like fans are, Yellowstone cast members are also excited to see what the fourth season brings for their characters. As a show that never shies away from surprises, we expect there will be many twists and turns on our Yellowstone journey.

With their show on hiatus and filming for season four complete, Yellowstone actors are getting some well-earned rest and relaxation time. Several of the show’s cast members have remained active on social media in an effort to engage their fans. Cole Hauser, who plays Dutton Ranch enforcer Rip Wheeler, is among the Yellowstone crew utilizing social media to interact with fans. Since the end of season three, Hauser has been quite active on social media, sharing photos of him and his family enjoying various activities.

On Saturday, it was Hauser’s oldest son, Ryland, sharing a few pics with social media followers. The teenager is a dead ringer for his old man as you can easily tell from his Instagram photos.

The teenage Hauser favors his father so much, one wonders if he might some day play a teenage Rip Wheeler. Now, that is something every Yellowstone fan would love to see.

Yellowstone Fans Eager for More Rip Wheeler

Speaking of Rip Wheeler, Yellowstone fans can’t wait to see what season four brings for the rough and tough cowboy. Season three ended with the Dutton family under attack from unknown assailants. Fiercely loyal to the family that took him in, one must think Rip will have a say in what happens next.

While many think Rip will head down the war path and destroy anyone who had anything to do with the attack, others think we could see the softer side of Rip come out.

His fiancée, Beth Dutton, is among the family members ambushed by the attackers. She receives a package bomb that explodes inside her office when her assistant opens it. She is only a few feet from the blast that shatters the windows in her office.

While we don’t yet know her fate, Beth is likely severely injured at the very least. Some fans predict this will bring out Rip’s nurturing side as he aids Beth back to health.

With the fourth season just weeks away, answers to Yellowstone’s most urgent questions are coming soon.