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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Cole Hauser’s Wife, Cynthia, Posts Snap from ‘Paradise’ on Memorial Day

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

The upcoming Cheaper by the Dozen remake star, her Yellowstone heartthrob, and their three children continue to live it up in the Florida Keys for Memorial Day.

Oh, to be a Hauser! The family has been vacationing in the Keys for a few weeks now living their absolute best life. For Memorial Day, Cynthia Hauser has the latest update in the form of an adorable selfie with her husband, Yellowstone‘s own Rip Wheeler – Cole Hauser.

“Paradise with my baby @colehauser22,” the star posts to her Instagram for the 2021 holiday. As always, these two look perfect together and fully in love with each other’s company. Cole himself takes the selfie, with his other arm wrapped tight around wife Cynthia:

Cynthia often posts family photos to her Instagram, so if you’re a fan of the Hausers like us Outsiders, give her a follow!

‘Yellowstone’ Couple Live it Up in Florida Keys

The first thing to hit Yellowstone viewers when seeing these vacation photos: Cole Hauser looks absolutely nothing like Rip Wheeler in his day-to-day life! Outsiders already know this, of course, and we’ve written on the subject quite extensively.

As for Cynthia Hauser, the star now has “another shoulder” she can snuggle on thanks to her oldest son, Colt. Her last vacation post shows Colt growing into a young man, and he is the spitting image of his Yellowstone star father, Cole Hauser!

If their Instagram accounts are to go by, the Hausers must be smiling 24-7. Social media is social media, sure, and no one is always happy. Yet if there’s a family we’d bet on being full of genuine love, it’s the Hausers.

“Love you my sweet [bear]! Excited for all of our new adventures together. #neverstopsmiling,” she captions the Instagram post, which you can see here.

Colt may grow up to be an actor himself, as both of his parents are just that. His mom is as talented as she is beautiful, just as his Yellowstone father is as talented as he is handsome. Cynthia is now back into the acting game fully, as well.

In a statement to their joint Instagram account, Yellowstone star Cole Hauser’s wife, Cynthia Hauser, and her twin sister Brittany are “thrilled to be working on” a new Disney+ remake together. The remake? Cheaper by the Dozen! For the film, Cynthia Hauser will reunite on-screen with her twin sister, Brittany, who remains a prolific Hollywood actress.

So enjoy that vacation, Hausers! Outsiders are always back to the grind before we know it.