‘Yellowstone’ TV: Cole Hauser’s Wife Cynthia to Star in ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’ Remake

by Jon D. B.

In a statement to their joint Instagram account, ‘Yellowstone’ star Cole Hauser’s wife, Cynthia Hauser, and her twin sister Brittany are “thrilled to be working on” the Disney+ remake together.

“Back together again!” the sisters celebrate. Citing Hollywood trade Deadline’s announcement, Cynthia Hauser is back at it with her twin sister – both actors – for the upcoming Disney remake of “Cheaper by the Dozen.”

Joining the family of ‘Yellowstone’ star Cole Hauser will be leads Gabrielle Union and Zach Braff. Together, this update of the classic family comedy will center on a “multiracial, blended family of 12” as they navigate their hectic home life. In addition, the remake from ‘Grown-Ish’s executive producer Jenifer Rice-Genzuk will follow the family as they manage their family business together.

Union and Braff will, of course, play the parental roles, with Deadline announcing the 10 young actors playing their dozen children.

As for twins Cynthia and Brittany, however, their roles have not yet been specified. Each is billed for the production with the last name Daniel.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser’s Spouse, Cynthia, Gets Back to Acting

For Cynthia Daniel/Hauser, ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’ marks her first credited role since 2002’s short-lived ‘That 80’s Show.’ Before the ill-fated sitcom, Cynthia was well known for her roles in ‘Sweet Valley High’ and ‘The Basketball Diaries,’ which she featured in opposite lead Leonardo Dicaprio alongside her sister, Brittany.

Twin Brittany, however, has remained a busy actor, indeed, with a long list of credits spanning the past several decades. In recent years, she’s been a television staple on the hit series ‘Black-ish.’

Cynthia, however, opted for a far quieter family life alongside pursuing her true passion: photography. Married to ‘Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser since December 22, 2006, the couple has three children.

As for her photography work, Cynthia tells IMDb that she “decided to pursue photography because I love it so much more than acting. I still do commercials which fills that acting urge.”

Now, Hauser will continue that “acting urge” under director Gail Lerner. Shawn Levy, who directed the 2003 Steve Martin & Bonnie Hunt iteration, will serve as executive producer. Even Levy’s version, though, was a reboot, as well. The original ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’ hit in 1950. Fascinatingly, the affairs within were based on the real-life family of Frank Bunker Gilbreth Jr.

Catch ‘Yellowstone’ Cole Hauser‘s spouse, Cynthia, alongside her twin sister Brittany in Disney+’s ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’ come 2022.