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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Cole Hauser’s Wife Is Loving This ‘Iconic’ Rip & Beth Photo

by Courtney Blackann

“Yellowstone” actors Kelly Reilly and Cole Hauser both recently appeared on the cover of TV Guide, looking every bit the power couple they are. And Hauser’s wife agrees – the shot is ‘iconic.’

In a post on Instagram, Hauser’s wife, Cynthia Cole, shared the photo, giving it praises ahead of the “Yellowstone” season 4 finale.

“Iconic shot of @colehauser22 and the beautiful @mzkellyreilly @tvguidemagazine,” she captioned the picture.

And plenty of fans are in agreement. One user wrote, “I just ordered my copy!! This is Cole’s best character, he was definitely made to be a cowboy! Best show ever!!”

Another person also said, “Yellowstone has been my favorite show of all times. I can’t get enough of it and so sad that Sunday is the last episode. I know you must be so proud of your husband. Thank him for bringing us such amazing acting. No one could have played the role of Rip but him. Taylor sure knew what he was doing putting Cole and Kelly together. They are amazing on screen. Happy New Year to you and your family.”

“Yellowstone” Nearly Ready to Wrap Up

The two-hour season finale of “Yellowstone” will air this Sunday on Paramount Network. Fans already have tons of speculation about what deaths will occur and Beth and John Dutton’s strained relationship. The entire season was jam-packed with drama.

The season opened with the aftermath of the attacks on the Dutton family. Beth is on a one-way street towards revenge while John recovers from his multiple gunshot wounds. The family is continually threatened for their land.

In the bunkhouse, there’s drama between Walker and Lloyd and they eventually have to fight it out, but not before Rip teaches Lloyd an important lesson about following the rules.

Jamie is fighting a personal battle between his loyalty to the Duttons and his relationship with his biological father Garrett Randall. The entire plot continues to twist and turn in an epic western genre ahead of the season finale.

The story works so well because co-creator Taylor Sheridan’s vision for authenticity was met every step of the way. In fact, “1883” star Tim McGraw praised Sheridan for staying true to the time period while filming the spin-off.

“Taylor is a stickler for authenticity. Even to the way you ride – he would come up and say, “you know, a cowboy wouldn’t have his feet in that position or wouldn’t have his hands in that position.” He says, “I’m just trying to make you look good. Everybody rides a little differently, and it’s fine to ride a little differently but there are a few things you need to be authentic to and true to.” And he’s always good about that. And down to the set design and the costumes,” McGraw says.