‘Yellowstone’ TV: Costume Designers Reveals How Each Piece Goes Through ‘Aging’ Process To Amplify Authenticity

by Evan Reier

While many fans of Yellowstone list off the action and engaging characters as the best parts of the show, the atmosphere is equally vital.

From the expansive, jaw-dropping settings of Montana to the little details about a character’s look, Yellowstone seemingly gets it all right. To do so, it requires a diligent eye and people that know what they’re doing.

This is where Ruth E. Carter comes in. The 60-year-old designer has seen and dressed it all over her decades in the business. Her credits before Yellowstone are seemingly endless, but, most notably, she received Academy Award nominations for her work on Malcolm X, Amistad, and Black Panther. Further, she received the Best Costume Design award for Black Panther.

She, and the folks at Paramount’s YouTube channel, were kind enough to give fans of the show a look into the process. While she touches on a few different subjects, it’s her points about the “aging” process that intrigued us most.

Using Kayce Dutton’s jacket as a jumping off point, Carter describes her and the show’s logic.

“We have one clean and we have several that are dirty,” Carter said. “Things just kind of go through a process of aging and breaking down.”

She then brings out a jacket belonging to a supporting cast member who actually did ranch hand work in real life.

“I have one jacket,” Carter said. “This guy was a real rancher. He brought this in. It’s all eaten up here, down here. We use his stuff as an example of how we fade things out and how the realism can be displayed on the new stuff.”

From our eyes, Carter and Yellowstone absolutely kill it.

Yellowstone Stars Talk What Cast Looks Forward to On-Set

While we’re behind the scenes of Yellowstone, let’s look back at a recent episode of “Stories from the Bunkhouse”. For those unfamiliar, the show talks with actors who play the ranch hands on the Dutton ranch.

Besides being an inside look at how the show is made, it also gives fans a look at the looser, more fun side of Yellowstone.

Jefferson White and company explain that “Gator Gabe” cooks most of the meals for the cast, and they love it.

“Anybody on the crew, anybody in the cast, can’t talk about this show for five minutes without mentioning Gator,” White says.

After long days of filming, Colby actor Denim Richards says Gator is everyone’s favorite guy.

“But Gator is so great because I think he’s somebody that…that’s what everyone looks forward to. Especially in the middle of the day, we’re in the middle of a scene and you see the smoke coming up and you’re like, ‘Gator is cooking something up,’” Richards says.