‘Yellowstone’ TV: Costume Designer Reveals the Iconic John Dutton Jacket Shaped the Rest of His Wardrobe

by Jon D. B.

Dive into the story behind ‘Yellowstone‘s most iconic jacket – the taupe and rust Western special – with costume designer Johnetta Boone.

Time for a long-overdue celebration of one of ‘Yellowstone’s most talented individuals. Courtesy of Paramount, this fantastic new feature puts the spotlight on ‘Yellowstone‘s costume-designer-extraordinaire, Johnetta Boone. Within, Boone gives the dirt on how she keeps each cowboy (and cowgirl) rugged and rustic while sticking to the integrity of their characters.

Within, Johnetta Boone’s passion is on full display. She clearly loves this work, and it shows on screen – tenfold. Though, out of all the costumes she’s put together for ‘Yellowstone,’ one stands out among the rest:

“Well I must say, iconically, the JD jacket was the first thing that popped,” she reveals of John Dutton‘s timeless jacket. “Which is the taupe with the rust, Western yoke.”

“It fit him perfectly,” she recalls of ‘Yellowstone’s Kevin Costner. “And then I was able to build his additional costumes from there.”

It’s a classic yet striking Western piece that fits JD’s grizzly, weathered demeanor to a tee. But what exactly is this jacket?

The Dirt on ‘Yellowstone’s Most Famous Jacket

Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Despite a common assumption, John Dutton‘s famous taupe and rust jacket isn’t actually leather. The coat is revealed to be a breathable cotton “rancher’s jacket,” after a bit of research. Inspired by Western wear from the ’70s, his signature outer layer is similar to a popular “trucker’s jacket” style from the same era.

According to USA Leather Jackets, which makes top-of-the-line replicas of John Dutton’s famous duds, the piece comes together “using four different options of materials” including parachute and cotton.”

Cotton makes up the entirety of the taupe-colored base of the coat. For the standing collar and shoulder, parachute material of a bright rust color is used.

The jacket has almost become a character of its own. It premiered alongside ‘Yellowstone’ itself in Season 1. Above, we see the jacket featured in Season 2 – Episode 1: A Thundering.

The piece remains an iconic favorite of costume designer Johanna Boone. Her work on ‘Yellowstone’ began with Season 2 when she took up the reigns from a mentor, Ruth Carter. In the feature above, Carter picks out this very jacket, which Boone would inherit – and base the entirety of his Season 2 & 3 looks off of.

Indeed, Boone gives dressing John Dutton her all. She does for all characters, of course, but when it comes to JD, Boone speaks with a pep in her step.

“[Costner] also has designers that he wears that are very specific, even in jeans, because they fit well. And that’s what you want to go with. When it fits, you don’t want to break what’s not broken!”

“Truer words have never been spoken,” John Dutton quips in a clip from the feature. We couldn’t agree more.