‘Yellowstone’ TV: Could the Bikers From the Brawl Be Behind the Dutton Family Attacks?

by Thad Mitchell

The wait is on for a brand new season of “Yellowstone” as the show’s creators say season four episodes will begin airing in the fall.

With a new “Yellowstone” season just around the corner, fans of the popular show are speculating on what’s in store. Much of the speculation and fan theories revolve around the third season finale and its happenings. The cliffhanging conclusion to season three leaves fans to ponder if their favorite characters are dead or alive.

To refresh your memory — four of the show’s primary characters could be dead or alive heading into season four. John Dutton is attacked and shot in the chest several times by an unknown gunman who then flees in a van. Kayce Dutton is also gunned down inside his own office but is able to take cover behind his desk. Beth Dutton is within a short distance from a bomb detonating inside of her office complex. Yellowstone Ranch hand Jimmy Hurdstrum is last seen face down in the dirt after falling from a bucking horse. The status of these four characters is left totally up in the air, leaving fans to sweat it out until the new season arrives.

Plenty of Suspects in Dutton Family Attack

While the first order of business in season four will be determining who is dead and alive, the next will be figuring out who is behind these heinous attacks. “Yellowstone” fans are working overtime in a search for clues on the attack. There are a handful of primary suspects like Jamie Dutton, Market Equities and Thomas Rainwater. But, there are also a few “under the radar” suspects that fans are making cases for. A post from a “Yellowstone” fan on Reddit suggests the attacks could have been carried out by the motorcycle club from season three. If you do not recall the scene, you can watch it again here:

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Flip Speculation into High Gear

The Redditor says a previous “Yellowstone” scene foreshadows the bikers returning to the ranch for revenge.

“I’m now convinced that the shootings and bombing have to do with the bikers,” the fan writes. “The scene before Kayce is with Monica and the wolf shows up and he says ‘if I don’t kill him now he will feed in the whole lot.’ I think it’s a foreshadow that he left the bikers (the wolves) alive and now they will feel on the whole lot (the Dutton family).”

It isn’t the first time the biker club has been brought up in regards to the attack on the Dutton family. Some fans have suggested the bikers were hired to carry out the hits on the family. They would certainly seem to have plenty of motivation for revenge against Yellowstone Ranch. Also, recall they attempted to return and set fire to the ranch later in the evening. They were caught by John Dutton and crew and forced to dig their own graves before John dismisses them.

There is no shortage of suspects in the Dutton family attack. Who do you think carried out the attacks?