‘Yellowstone’ TV: Could Christina Actor Katherine Cunningham’s Post Mean She’s Returning for Season 4?

by Thad Mitchell

With the fourth season in sight, fans of Paramount Network’s “Yellowstone” are as excited as they have ever been.

Not much is known about the upcoming new season other than it is set to premiere this fall. The lack of information regarding season four has sent the show’s enormous fan base on a search for clues. They may have gotten a big one thanks to a recent social media update from a former cast member. Katherine Cunningham, who plays Christina on “Yellowstone” recently took to social media to exclaim how excited she is for the new show. Cunningham, who has more than 5,000 Instagram followers, pulled an image from the “Yellowstone” social media account. She shares the image with a caption across the top revealing her level of immense excitement for the new season.

“ahhh!!” she writes in the post. “Is anyone else excited?”

The image brief “teaser” clip reminding watchers that a new season of “Yellowstone” is on the way.

“In case you missed it: it’s happening,” the post proudly exclaims.

As you might expect, the social media post was a big hit with fans, attracting nearly 300,000 views in a matter of hours. It is safe to say that the “Yellowstone” fan base is eager for the modern western drama’s return this fall.

‘Yellowstone’ Actress Return Would Create Interest

While Cunningham’s post does not confirm Christina’s return, it certainly has “Yellowstone” watchers wondering about future storylines. Christina was not part of season three of the show and wasn’t even mentioned in passing. The last time we see Jamie Dutton’s associate and ex-lover, she is telling him that she is pregnant with his baby. For all that fans know, Cunningham is alive and well and could still be pregnant or could have already given birth to Jamie’s child. Suppose she just rolls up to Yellowstone Ranch with a newborn at her side — talk about a plot twist.

In a previous “Yellowstone” season, we see Christina giving Jamie an ultimatum. She wants him to choose between his current family and the future family he could have with her and their baby. As if Jamie doesn’t already have enough on his plate. Throwing Christina back into the mix could drive him over the edge for good. It could also be a good thing for him if he accepts the responsibility of being a father and takes Christina back.

There are so many ways this “Yellowstone” storyline could play out and it would be exciting to see Cunningham back as Christina. One thing that is for sure in the upcoming new season is that Jamie is going to some life-altering decisions.

Stay strong fellow “Yellowstone” Fans — answers are coming soon.