‘Yellowstone’ TV: Could Jamie’s Biological Father Garrett Randall Steal the Dutton Ranch Out From Under Him?

by Jon D. B.

A stirring new theory courtesy of Yellowstone fans says Garrett Randall could be the one behind the horrific Season 3 finale attacks.

What a way to end a season. Yellowstone Season 3’s finale left fans on the ultimate cliffhanger, with the lives of John, Kayce, and Beth Dutton hanging in the balance. Jimmy Hurdstrom, too. Yet before that, we saw Jamie Dutton discover his adoptive heritage, revealing Garrett Randall as his biological father. Could Randall be far more integral to the story so far than audiences realize?

Yellowstone fans think so, and are voicing an intriguing new theory on Instagram to this end. The theory claims Garrett Randall (Will Patton) may be orchestrating the end of the Duttons – just as he foretold to his biological son, Jamie (Wes Bentley). In short: passionate fans are convinced Randall knows far more than we do.

In one of Yellowstone’s latest Instagram post (which we covered extensively here), the show highlights Jamie’s best scowl as fate looms heavy outside Randall’s shed. “It’s Jamie versus the world,” they caption.

It’s this cryptic post that is spurring fans into a frenzy. And it all kicks off with follower Michelle stating:

“He and his biological father are behind the end of season 3….. change my mind.”

While many viewers have come forward with Jamie as their suspect for the Season 3 finale “attempted massacre,” this new batch are throwing Randall’s durag into the ring.

“I think it’s the bio[logical] dad,” another fan agrees. “[Taking] out the fam puts Jamie in charge. Then dear old bio dad can come in and schmooze and manipulate Jamie and get his hands on all that money.”

But is Randall acting alone? It’s all the big question, isn’t it?

“As for Willa and Rourke they may be in on it,” the same fan continues. Whichever way you slice the blame, successful assassinations would’ve set up Jamie as the heir to the Dutton Empire. Instead, we’ve been led to believe his family will survive – and Jamie will find himself “against the world,” as Yellowstone states above.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Will See Will Patton’s Return as Garrett Randall, Adding Fuel to the Fire

Season three guest star Will Patton has been confirmed to be joining the regular cast of season four, so expect him to play an integral role in the Western drama going forward.

There’s a good bit of evidence to back up this new fan theory, too. Yellowstone Season 4 casting confirms Will Patton’s return as Randall. He’s going from guest star to a recurring cast member, too, so we’ve not seen the last of him. Far from it, in fact.

“I wouldn’t put it past them to have dug into all the Dutton’s to try and find something, and discovering [Garrett Randall] and using it to their advantage,” the same fan continues of a possible deadly Randall/Willa Hayes/Roarke Morris partnership.

“Agree… I think they were in it with Roarke and Willa,” another fan agrees. “I hope Rip tears them to pieces. And if Beth is dead I’m suing.”

Actor Will Patton’s recurring return for Yellowstone Season 4 is hard evidence that he’s going to be back in a big way. And we’ll know come Fall 2021 just how integral he has been so far.