‘Yellowstone’ TV: Could Jen Landon’s Teeter Have a New Partner-in-Crime in Season 4?

by Thad Mitchell

“Yellowstone” fans remain on the edges of their seats as a new season of the Paramount Network hit series draws closer.

Most thought season four would be on the air by now, but we are still waiting on new episodes. Many fans had June 20, Father’s Day, circled on their calendars as a potential premiere date. The weekend came and went without a peep on when “Yellowstone” might return to our television sets. The latest premiere rumors now have the show starting in the late summer timeframe. It is believed “Yellowstone” would like to avoid direct competition with the summer Olympics, due to start next month. The Olympics will come to a close on August 8 and we could be getting new ‘Yellowstone” episodes shortly after.

The longer than expected wait for a new season has not deterred “Yellowstone fans in the least bit. In the absence of their favorite show, fans have taken up discussing the show on various message board forums across the internet. One thing fans love to do is share and dissect theories on how the new season will play out. A recent thread on Reddit suggests the return of an old character to “Yellowstone” Ranch could spice things up in the bunkhouse.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Could See Return of Avery

The poster suggests former “Yellowstone” ranch hand Avery could return to the bunkhouse and form a team with Teeter. Played by the talented Tanaya Beatty, Avery is introduced in the second season as she is recruited to join the bunkhouse crew by Rip Wheeler. Avery was working in an adult club at the time she is visited by Rip. She decides she’s had enough of dancing for strange men and decides the cowgirl life is where she belongs. Then as quickly as she shows up at the ranch, she mysteriously disappears. No goodbyes or anything — just an empty bunk inside the ranch’s bunkhouse. No explanation is ever given for her disappearance in season two.

The thought of Avery returning to the “Yellowstone” bunkhouse is an enticing thought to fans of the show. Before Teeter shows up in season three, she is the lone female in a cowboy crew of all men. It is even more enticing to think about Avery joining forces with Jen Landon’s Teeter. If that were to happen, then let the chaos ensue. Both women have a knack for the dramatic and together, they would be a force to be reckoned with. They would also make the bunkhouse crew all the more fearsome as neither one is looking to back down from a fight.

We see the foul-mouthed but loveable Teeter gain a love interest in season three in Colby. Fans can’t wait to see where that relationship goes in the upcoming fourth season. But, there is definitely room for another female inside the “Yellowstone” bunkhouse.

Would you like to see Avery return in the fourth season of “Yellowstone?”