‘Yellowstone’ TV: Could Kayce and Ryan Take Over the Dutton Ranch in Season 4?

by Thad Mitchell

“Yellowstone” fans are still buzzing about the sneak peek trailer that was put out by the Paramount Network just a few weeks ago.

While the trailer didn’t give away much about the upcoming new season of “Yellowstone,” we did get our first look at season four. The teaser trailer is mostly scenes from previous seasons but at the very end, fans get what they’ve waited for. It doesn’t show much of the scene but we do discover that it is Rip Wheeler who first comes upon a dying John Dutton. The Yellowstone rancher has just been shot several times in the chest and is bleeding out when Rip comes along. Rip pleads with John to hang on for dear life as he lies on the side of the road.

As season three ends, John becomes the victim of a drive-by shooting as he assists a young family change a flat tire. The unknown gunman then speeds away in a van as John lay dying. Viewers are left to wonder if John survives the attack or succumbs to his injuries.

‘Yellowstone’ Ranch May Need New Manager

So, what does this mean for Yellowstone Ranch? That is one of many questions on the mind of fans. Many of the “Yellowstone” faithful have taken to internet message boards to theorize and speculate on what the future holds. With John Dutton likely to spend the first part of season four on the mend, someone else will have to look after the ranch. Rip is the most likely candidate to manage the ranch, but he is likely to focus on finding the responsible party and seeking revenge. That leaves a handful of candidates to assume operations of one of the largest cattle ranches in the northwest.

Kayce Dutton would be the logical choice but we don’t know his status for season four. It could very well be possible that Kayce is alive and will assume control of the Yellowstone ranch. If this were the case, he would need a strong number two man. He would likely have to choose from the bunkhouse bunch of ranch hands. There are several to choose from like Lloyd, Colby, or even Teeter. Some believe, however, that veteran hand Ryan is ready to step into a leadership role. Ian Bohen, who plays Ryan, recently made some interesting comments on his character. He says Ryan could flourish under Kayce’s guidance.

“Someone like Ryan needs to excel and achieve more,” the actor says. “And that’s why under Kayce he’s more likely to advance, to contribute in new ways, and become the asset he thinks he can be to the ranch because that’s allowed.”

There is certainly a lot of mystery surrounding the new season of “Yellowstone.” Thankfully, season four is on its way and will be ready to go this fall.