‘Yellowstone’ TV: Could Major Character Who Died in Season 4 Premiere Still Be Alive?

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone’s insane shock death that ended Season 4’s premiere episode is one for the books. But how close to reality is it?

What a way to go. Be warned before you continue, Yellowstone fans, that there are massive spoilers for Season 4 ahead.

Over on Reddit’s active Yellowstone board, fans are still reeling over the death of Market Equities villain Roarke Morris (Josh Holloway). As Redditor CallPlay says: “Man. Getting hit with a rattlesnake in a cooler from Rip is a hell of a way to go.”

Ain’t that the damn truth. What a death it was. Yet some Yellowstone fans aren’t fully convinced Roarke Morris is gone forever. One Redditor in particular posts a “Hot take” claiming “someone might not be dead…”

That someone, of course, is Roarke. But we’re here to tell you that all bets are on Josh Holloway’s villain having met his end; for multiple real-world reasons.

“No he’s dead. Super bummed with how fast he was killed,” agrees u/webdevredemption. Another Redditor backs this up with reality-based evidence, citing: “Considering that Josh Holloway is currently in pre-production on a new series, I think it’s safe to say that Roarke is dead and gone.”

Indeed, the in-demand actor is already on to his next project. But even if he wasn’t, this wildlife tech is here to tell you that getting bit by a western diamondback rattlesnake is no joke. And if you’re unlucky enough to get bitten on the face out in the middle of nowhere, then your chances of survival diminish significantly.

‘Yellowstone’s Best Death So Far? Rattlesnake Ends Roarke

As Redditor XxCALBRAxX adds, Roarke’s survival is “Not really possible, Rip stepped on his chest and he was already having massive breathing difficulty. Also he was bit in the face. In such a severe case you can’t just inject yourself with antivenin you still need urgent care because the venom doesn’t just leave your bloodstream and rattlesnake venom causes blood clots and major pressure,” they continue. “It’s why people who get bit usually have to have their arms cut open to alleviate pressure.”

Yellowstone Redditor DaBetterILkmyDawg also chimes in with further truth. “One more thing, he ran and waved his arms around a lot, increasing circulation and heartbeat, which would have made the venom spread and work faster.”

Speaking as a trained wildlife technician, this is all accurate stuff. Roarke had several factors playing heavily against him. For one, Rip was not letting him leave alive. Rattlesnake venom clots blood rapidly and causes severe swelling. This inhibits everything from the cardiovascular to the respiratory system within minutes. A 200-pound assassin stepping on your chest while the venom takes hold means there’s little chance of proper breathing or blood flow taking place. Moreover, a bite to the face directly means swelling will almost immediately affect both the brain and major arteries.

In short: Roarke’s a goner, folks. Looks like we’ll have to move on to hating Jacki Weaver’s Caroline Warner throughout Yellowstone Season 4.