‘Yellowstone’ TV: Could One Clue From the Explosion at Beth Dutton’s Office Reveal Who’s Responsible for the Attack?

by Halle Ames

Are we closer to figuring out who is responsible for leaving the bomb in Beth Dutton’s office during the “Yellowstone” season three finale?

After months of speculating and pointing fingers and going through every detail with a fine-toothed comb, could this be the hint we were looking for?

The list of people that could be responsible for the attacks on Kayce, John, and Beth Dutton are countless. However, our top contenders are as follows: Roarke and Willa Hayes with Market Equities, Thomas Rainwater, and Jamie Dutton, and Garret Randall. Although while we assume it was Market Equities behind the attacks, everyone is innocent until proven otherwise.

Reddit User Names Suspect

However, one Reddit user was enjoying the July 4th “Yellowstone” marathon when one detail stood out to them. Could this point to a suspect?

“During the marathon today for the 1st time, I noticed they really focused on this Ram outside of the explosion. Could it be a Dutton-owned one? Rip was not driving one with a grille. Then panned to the supposed Ram driver. Zoomed into the mirror, they had it blurred, so I cannot see a face idk who it is. Jamie? It was right about when he told Rip not to call anymore.”

Did Jamie Try To Kill Beth Dutton?

The caption is written under a freeze-frame screenshot of the moments the bomb went off in Beth Dutton’s office. The cars below are covered in dust and debris. As the vehicles crash into one another, the show zooms in on one Ram 1500– the same kind of car the “Yellowstone” cowboys drive. While we cannot see the driver of the car’s face, his body shape is skinny and dark-headed, similar to Jamie’s.

Does this indicate that it was Jamie who planted the bomb on Beth Dutton and was driving away from the scene when it detonated? Or was this some helpless bystander caught in the collateral damage? Surely more than just the Yellowstone ranch hands drive Ram trucks in Montana. Doesn’t every farmer and cowboy drive a truck of some sort? Since neither occupation are in short supply out west, this doesn’t narrow down the suspect pool.

Jamie Dutton does hold a deep hatred for his adopted sister, Beth Dutton, but does he feel similar to his father and brother? We know Jamie and John have a tough-love relationship that can come off as toxic, but would Jamie go as far as to have him shot on the side of the road like an injured deer?

Furthermore, would Jamie have his younger brother, Kayce, killed as well? The last we saw of the two, they were on excellent terms, sharing kind words and handshakes. Would Jamie throw all of that away? And for what? He isn’t exactly an outdoorsman that is in need of money and a massive ranch.

Only season four will indicate who carried out the attacks and if Kayce, John, and Beth Dutton survive. Yellowstone has not yet set a specific date for the premiere, but fans assume it will be sometime in the fall.