‘Yellowstone’ TV: Will Season 4 Air in 2021?

by Halle Ames

Will “Yellowstone” season four air at some point in 2021? At this point, anxious fans just hope it debuts at all. 

It’s ten years, 47 days, and 13 hours since we last saw our beloved “Yellowstone” cowboys. Okay… not really, but goodness, it has felt like it. For the past few months, dedicated viewers have been waiting patiently for explanations into the attacks that potentially ended Beth, Kayce, Jimmy, and John Dutton’s lives. And guess who has not delivered! YELLOWSTONE. 

We aren’t mad, just disappointed. 

What could be the holdup? Originally, we assumed the “Yellowstone’ release date would follow the tradition in years past and debut on Father’s Day. Well, Father’s Day has come and went, and still no Dutton drama to be accounted for. 

That claim was backed up by Chief Joseph Ranch, the real-life name of the “Yellowstone” ranch. In November, they got our hopes up for a June premiere. 

“That’s a wrap on filming Season 4!” the ranch’s Instagram account posted late last year. “Who is excited for the premiere in June?”

So far, there has been radio silence from the producers about an exact date for Yellowstone. We haven’t even seen a trailer, at the very least. Throw us some sort of hope on a horizon. Anything to let us know we aren’t chasing shadows. The silence is deafening and almost too much for my fragile mental stability to bear. 

Potential Reasons for the ‘Yellowstone’ Delay

First, the pandemic was to blame for the delay in filming. Then fans pointed fingers at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, which run from July 23 until August 8, saying they would take away from the audience. So Reddit users assumed that the hit western drama would just pause until they could be the center of attention. But when will that be? August? Later than that? Anytime in 2021? 

Furthermore, one social media user noted that NBC and Peacock are streaming the Olympics, which could indicate a reason for the “Yellowstone” delay.

The only thing we have heard thus far is to keep waiting… Like we have any other choice. 

Jefferson White, the actor who plays Jimmy Hurdstrom, recently took to the Instagram comments section in an attempt to ease fan’s nerves over the delayed Season 4 premiere. After some voiced their concerns that the show would be canceled altogether, White quickly responded, saying, “Appreciate y’all!! Season 4 is worth the wait, I promise!!”

Okay, but any indication on when that wait will be over would have been a nice touch. 

While the comment was appreciated, it didn’t keep fans at bay long. Some took to Reddit to discuss the marketing tactic behind the silence. 

“What’s the deal with the season four release? I can’t remember any release of any tv season that the actual date of release was unknown. They HAVE to know when it comes out. What’s the point of not having an advertised date? Suspense? Hype?”

So, the question still remains in our minds, when will we get the answers we so desperately need… no… deserve?