‘Yellowstone’ TV: Could This Be a Possible Clue to the Season 4 Premier Date?

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone fans continue to experience letdown after letdown, but this latest clue could lead directly to what some have suspected all along: a Season 4 July 4th release date.

Another Father’s Day has come and gone. For Yellowstone viewers, this has been a hard one. Why? Well, most have become accustomed to our favorite show premiering new seasons on the weekend of Father’s Day. A fitting tribute to (sometimes questionable) patriarch John Dutton, yes?

For 2021’s Season 4, however, such a release did not come to light. We’ve not seen a single trailer – not even a teaser – for S4 this year. And the typical release window – which sits as this article is written – is upon us. So what gives?

Sharp fans on the ever-active Yellowstone Reddit board believe the truth has finally been revealed. Sure, Reddit should never be one’s first stop for truth – but the evidence is mounting – and releasing Season 4 on July 4th seems too perfect an opportunity for Paramount’s marketing to pass up. Let’s look at what’s going down.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans See July 4, 2021 Holiday Release for Season 4

“On July 3rd Paramount Network is airing season one AGAIN from noon to 10 pm. That’s as far as I can see on their schedule so I don’t know if seasons 2 and 3 will air the following days or what. I’ll check each day to see how far the schedule goes…” posts superfan 7ruby18 to Reddit Sunday.

This may seem an unrelated prompt, but is far from it! Fellow fan AnnaNonna responds quickly with:

“I think they ran two marathon weekends before S3!” – and the pieces begin to fall into place.

“Yeah that’s typical for networks to do prior to new seasons dropping,” echoes Redditor ATFgetoutRE. “I’m thinking July 4th week or that next Sunday.”

“July 4th falls on a Sunday this year so Monday is a holiday,” another fan adds as further speculation.

We’re inclined to agree, too. This is also far from the first mention of July 4th as a potential Yellowstone Season 4 release date. Everything from the patriotic nature of the holiday and show combined, to the perfect reveal of a Season 4 hitting on July 4th (so many 4’s!) feels like our best bet at this point.

Meanwhile, the 2021 Olympics are Coming, Too…

Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Elsewhere on Reddit, however, fans are outright pissed that we haven’t seen a single sign for Season 4 yet. Some are pointing fingers to the 2021 Olympics, too, as the cause. Others, though, think the COVID-19 Pandemic had a larger impact on Yellowstone during 2020 than originally thought.

“Because of Covid, they got a late start to filming,” another Redditor states plainly. “I would think they would have filmed all the scenes needed for the first couple of episodes first because they knew filming would run into the Montana winter.”

This same fan also thinks the Olympics are “the excuse they will use for the delay.” They do not, however, “think it is the cause of the delay. It is just a nice convenient excuse they will use.”

No matter which way we spin it – something is up. Paramount is up to something with Yellowstone Season 4. And if this author’s gut is to go by, then we’re in for a huge surprise reveal before Summer 2021’s end.