‘Yellowstone’ TV Creator Taylor Sheridan Opens Up About the Delay of Season 4

by Megan Molseed

Longtime fans of the modern western drama series “Yellowstone” have been facing a bit of disappointment this summer. Well, some disappointment; but most likely more of an “eager anticipation” as fans of the hit television show wait for the fourth season to finally return to television.

Since its release in the summer of 2018, “Yellowstone” watchers have come to depend on the show to invite us onto the Dutton’s Montana Ranch each summer in June. However, this season, things are very different.

“Everyone keeps calling me going ‘when in the heck is “Yellowstone” airing,” said series creator Taylor Sheridan in a recent interview on Along For The Ride with Andrea Fappani.

“I say the same thing. I’m really curious about that myself,” he continued with a laugh.

An Unanticipated Change to the Schedule

For Sheridan, much of the unknowns surrounding the next season of “Yellowstone” are because of the unprecedented times we have all been facing since the COVID19 pandemic gripped the world in the spring of 2020.

“COVID, it messed everything up,” Sheridan explained, noting that with the world closed, it was hard for casts and crew to come together to prepare a new season as they normally would.”

You have all these programing things that got knocked out of whack,” he said. “So it’s trying to figure out where to slate them back in.”

And, noted Sheridan, the fact that the world has now reopened has actually made things a little bit harder for programming plans for the new seasons of many shows such as “Yellowstone.”

“Now that the world’s finally opened up, nobody is home,” Sheridan explained. “This isn’t the greatest time to air a TV show.”

The “Yellowstone” creator noted that it is precisely this reason that the show’s developers eventually settled on a fall premiere date for the hugely popular Paramount channel series.

In the fall, Sheridan notes, viewers will be home more often. Additionally, he noted, a fall premiere date gives the producers time to let the audiences know when “Yellowstone” will be returning to cable.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Awaiting Many Answers

This premiere can’t come soon enough for fans of the modern western melodrama. Season three ended with some intense moments, leaving viewers with many, many questions.

As the third season of “Yellowstone” came to a close, Beth Dutton, the daughter of Dutton patriarch, John Dutton who is played by legendary actor, Kevin Costner, gets firebombed in her office. Beth’s brother Kayce is attacked by unknown assailants. The fate of these characters remains unknown. The “Yellowstone” season three finale also left John Dutton shot on the road. However, the bullet hits his cellphone, protecting the rancher.

With these events, “Yellowstone’s” fourth season promises to be a big one. Until then, the assailants attacking the Dutton clan will remain a mystery. But viewers are eager to learn who is behind the attacks. As well as finding out which members have survived.