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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Decoding the Ominous Brand New Season 4 Teaser

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

The “Yellowstone” series has released a new, more ominous brand to kick off season four of the hit western drama.

In the wake of restless fans, “Yellowstone’s” social media accounts have taken to Twitter to assure fans that it’s “worth the wait.”

‘Yellowstone’ Posts Eerie Clip

This morning, the series uploaded an ominous clip that features crows flying and music that makes our hearts beat a little faster. It’s like we want to yell, “DON’T OPEN THAT DOOR!” if you know what I mean.

A single crow lands on the top of the trademark ‘Yellowstone” “Y,” only this letter is different from what fans have seen in the past. This is the hooked rocking-Y brand that we’ve all grown to recognize when we see it. The letter on the eerie clip has an extension after the bottom of the curved Y, which makes us think it’s on top of the barn, like a weathervane. But what does that mean? It’s obviously mounted to something, but could it be an existing or new building?

The caption states that “ICYMI (In Case You Missed It): It’s happening. #YellowstoneTV.” However, the series also says, “Yellowstone Season 4: Revenge Is Worth the Wait.”

Does the cryptic caption have to do with fans waiting for the next season in the series or the massive cliffhangers that will play out? Does the ranch stalk their prey and punish who is responsible for the attacks on Beth, Kayce, and John Dutton?

The Crow

We can assume that the combination of the graveyard music, crows, and black and white imagery can only insinuate death, but whose? The Duttons or those that choose a fight with them? Considering it mentions revenge, we feel as though the villain in question, most likely Market Equities, has poked a sleeping bear. No one is safe on either side of this fight.

Furthermore, the crow is significant in the “Yellowstone” series. Fans can recall Rip Wheeler feverishly dialing every member of the Dutton family. When none were answering, he called the last resort, Jamie. Jamie oddly asks Rip to stop calling him for good.

It was then that Rip had to pull over to shoot a horse that was injured and being eaten by crows while still alive. Fans still aren’t sure how the horse was hurt or the metaphor behind it. Rip sees more crows circling in the sky down the road as he drives away. Again, viewers were left questioning what dying animal… or human lurked below.

One of the last things Rip Wheeler said in the Yellowstone season was that the “Whole f**king valley is dying.”

Oh, what little he knows. But the question remains… Who is dying, and who is going to die. Furthermore, who did the killing?

“Yellowstone” also released a trailer for Yellowstone season four, but with all old quotes and scenes besides one, it’s hard to get any hints where the series is going.

The last clip in the teaser video shows Rip running from his car, trying to save John Dutton. That’s it. That’s all we know. Rip finds John. Dead? Alive? Will he rescue him? What about the others? ‘Yellowstone” gave us nothing of the sort.