‘Yellowstone’ TV: Did Beth Dutton Bomb Her Own Office as a Set-Up in Wild Season 3 Finale?

by Thad Mitchell

Fans of the hit television series “Yellowstone” are still buzzing about the cliffhanging finale to end the third season.

At the ending of the third season, we see the show’s protagonists, the Dutton family, under attack by no-name killers. Family patriarch, John Dutton, took several bullets to the chest from an unknown shooter. His son, Kayce Dutton, did not fare much better, coming under fire before taking cover behind his desk. Beth Dutton, the only female of the bunch, was the recipient of a package bomb, exploding inside her office.

The fate of the Yellowstone Dutton clan is very much up in the air as the fourth season draws closer. Viewers are left to not only wonder if the Duttons are still alive but also who is behind the attacks. There are a couple of prime suspects with plenty of motive to do away with the powerful Montana ranching family. Reservation leader, Chief Rainwater, certainly would have a more pleasant life without the Duttons around. Market Equities Reps Roarke Morris and Willa Hayes want to build an airport so badly they offer John $500 million. They are none too happy when he refuses the big offer for his Yellowstone Ranch property. John’s adopted son, Jamie, is also a prime suspect after learning he isn’t truly a Dutton late in season three.

While we won’t find out who is behind the attacks until the new season, “Yellowstone” fans love to pass the time with speculation. Some rather wild theories can be found on internet message boards, like Reddit, where fans gather to talk about their favorite show.

Yellowstone Fans Theorize ‘Self-Bombing’ by Beth Dutton

One interesting theory floating around cyberspace involves the person behind the bombing of Beth’s office. The theory making the rounds says it is Beth herself who plants and detonates the bomb in her office.

The theory states Beth, perhaps working with Angela Blue Thunder, plants the bomb with the intention of framing Morris and Hayes. On the surface it seems like a risky proposition to “bomb yourself” but we have seen the lengths Beth goes to protect her family and Yellowstone Ranch. Beth and Angela would seem like natural enemies but their interests are currently in line. Both fierce ladies want to see Market Equities, along with Morris and Hayes, pack it up and leave town.

“Considering how crafty Beth is, it’s definitely possible,” a Reddit user says. “I could see Beth willing to risk getting moderately injured for the sake of the ranch.”

Another Yellowstone fan points to a previous incident as evidence of the Duttons’ willingness to play dirty.

“The Duttons planted a bomb or some sort of explosive device in the Becks’ brothers plane back in season two,” the poster says. “I’m not sure if Kayce uses his military connections to access the bomb or what. But clearly the Duttons have access to explosive [sic] and/or know how to use them.”

It is an interesting theory that is totally plausible in the grand scheme of the show. With season four rapidly approaching, Yellowstone fans will soon be getting answers to their most pressing questions.