‘Yellowstone’ TV: Did Beth Dutton Make a Major Strategic Mistake Buying up Land Around Dutton Ranch?

by Thad Mitchell

While they wait for the return of hit Paramount Series Yellowstone, fans of the show are passing the time — well, by talking about Yellowstone, of course.

The show has been on hiatus for several months now and after a cliffhanging finale to season three, fans are buzzing about the fourth season. Show executives say they are aiming for an early summer start for the new season with a June premiere a strong possibility. Until then, the Yellowstone faithful are entertaining themselves as best they can while waiting patiently, or impatiently, for the new season.

Many fans of the show have taken to online message board communities to theorize and speculate on what is in store for season four. Others are looking back on previous seasons and offering up their own takes on what might happen next on the ranch. Some simply want to talk about their favorite characters on Yellowstone and discuss where their futures might lead them.

When it comes to favorite characters on Yellowstone, Beth Dutton is certain to get more than a few votes. With a sharp tongue and fearless attitude, Beth has won over the hearts of almost every fan of the show.

Beth’s father, John Dutton, is the owner of Yellowstone Ranch. With a savvy business mind, John entrusts his daughter to handle much of the ranch’s financial obligations. Instructed by John in previous seasons, Beth begins purchasing property around Yellowstone Ranch in an effort to protect the property. Using her position with Schwartz and Meyer for leverage, she doles out millions for land surrounding the ranch.

Yellowstone Fans Point Out Purchasing Mistake

A Reddit user recently questioned if buying up property around the ranch is a wise move. The poster points out that Beth and John may have overlooked one important piece of land right in front of them,

“When Beth goes around the valley buying up as much property as she can using Schwartz & Meyer’s money, why didn’t she buy Dan Jenkins land after he died?” the poster asks. “His property is right next door to the Yellowstone but instead it gets sold to Market Equities.”

Dan Jenkins is a prominent antagonist in season one of Yellowstone. A land-developing billionaire, Jenkins wants the Yellowstone Ranch property so he can build a resort on the land.

In season two, he makes peace with the Duttons as they team up against the Beck brothers. Jenkins is eventually killed by the Becks and Market Equities takes over his property, which is next door to the Dutton Ranch.

Reddit users point out that it is odd that the Duttons never seemingly make an attempt to purchase the critical property. Many believe this is because it never went up for sale and is instead already owned by Market Equities via Jenkins’ shady business dealings.

“Was it not kind of confirmed or at least strongly implied through context that market equities owned the land?” another Reddit user asks. “I know they came in right after he dies and it seemed like for whatever reason upon his death it went to them.”

Market Equities Could Be Primary Antagonists in Season Four

While it does seem to be an odd move by the Duttons to not go after the Jenkins property, it does set up Market Equities as primary antagonists. The group, headed up by Willa Hayes and Roarke Morris, wants the land in order to construct an airport. They offer John Dutton a very large sum of money, to which he refuses. For him, the ranch isn’t about money — it is about protecting his family’s way of life.

Now the stage is set for a showdown between the Dutton family and Market Equities in season four. Though the odds may not be in their favor, we wouldn’t bet against the Dutton clan’s resolve to keep what is theirs.

With season four drawing near, fans will soon get the answers they crave.