‘Yellowstone’ TV: Did Co-Creator Taylor Sheridan’s Wife Hint That Season 4 is Done Filming in Recent Snaps?

by Thad Mitchell

The wait for a brand new season of Paramount Network hit series “Yellowstone” has gone on longer than anyone expected.

It was initially believed season four of “Yellowstone” would premiere in early summer with June a likely timeframe. That no longer appears to be the case as June will come to an end in less than a week. Speculation is now growing that the new season could be coming in late summer once the Olympics conclude. Always a big television ratings grabber, the Olympics will conclude on August 8. Some fans believe “Yellowstone” would like to avoid direct competition with the Olympics and thus will hold off the show’s return until they are over. All of this is, of course, just speculation as showrunners have yet to give us an officials timeline on the show’s return.

It was once believed filming for the fourth season of “Yellowstone” was completed earlier this year. That turned out to not be the case as the show filmed a “protest” scene just two weeks ago. Now, some fans are wondering if filming for the new season is finally complete. A glance at Nic Sheridan’s social media pages could provide a clue or two suggesting it could indeed be wrapped up. Nic Sheridan is the wife of “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan. Nic has been active on social media as of late and interestingly has created more posts about her husband. In a couple of these Instagram posts, she says she is thankful to have Taylor back home. Could it mean that Taylor Sheridan has now returned home after finishing up fourth season filming? It is a possibility.

“Six weeks is just too long!” Nic Sheridan writes in a social media post last week. “Welcome home baby.”

Nic sure seems excited that her husband has returned and the photo she posts of the two is beautiful. The post suggests that Taylor has been away for quite a bit but has now come back home. It is entirely possible he spent that time filming scenes for “Yellowstone” season four. There other posts as well that show the happy couple enjoying each other’s company.

While it is possible to read too much into a social media post, it is interesting — especially for eager “Yellowstone” fans.

There is a great reason for fans of the show to read into every possible clue regarding the potential return of their favorite show. There is simply not a lot of information out there to go on and “Yellowstone” producers have maintained radio silence since the end of season three.

While we still don’t when the new season of “Yellowstone” premiere, we feel confident in telling you it will be well worth the wait.