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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Did Cryptic Kevin Costner Comment Confirm Jimmy’s Season 4 Death?

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

That sound you hear off in the distance is the sigh of relief coming from every “Yellowstone” fan as a new season approaches.

We are just a little over two weeks away from the return of the hit Paramount Network series. The excitement level among the enormous “Yellowstone” fan base grows more with each passing day. Every fan of the show also knows what is at stake in the upcoming fourth season. The third season of “Yellowstone” ended on the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers leaving watchers in a state of shock and suspense. The finale also could have killed off as many as four main characters on the show.

The Dutton family was the target of a plot to assassinate John, Kayce and Beth. John Dutton is gunned down on the side of the road. Kayce Dutton is also attacked by gunmen inside his own office. Beth Dutton gets a bomb delivered to her office that explodes as she stands just feet away. All three Duttons could be dead, alive, or injured as the new season arrives.

Then there is poor, sweet Jimmy who only wants to impress the only girlfriend he’s ever had. If you want a “buckle bunny,” you had better get a buckle first. Jimmy does just that, becoming a rodeo sensation seemingly overnight. His prowess for riding a bucking horse draws the attention of buckle bunny Mia. But after an injury, Jimmy says he will obey John Dutton’s wishes to not rodeo anymore. Now, some fans are attributing a Kevin Costner social media post as confirmation that Jimmy is also dead or will die.

“Pity the man who breaks a promise to John Dutton,” Costner writes in the replies section of a teaser trailer.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Believe Jimmy’s Fate is Sealed

Jimmy would like to keep his girlfriend but she’s only into rodeo cowboys it appears. She encourages Jimmy to get back up on that horse again (literally and figuratively) despite his devastating injury. The problem is that Jimmy also told “Yellowstone” head man John Dutton he wouldn’t rodeo anymore after Dutton covered his medical expenses. A broken promise that will seemingly come back to haunt Jimmy in season four.

As the final seconds of season three tick away, we see Jimmy trying to get a little rodeo practice in. He hops on top of a bucking horse and almost immediately falls off of it, landing on the cold, hard ground. The last image we see of Jimmy — he is lying face down in the dirt with his eyes closed. Like the Dutton family, Jimmy could be dead, alive or greatly injured.

If Jimmy is dead there will be plenty of bummed-out “Yellowstone” fans. Played wonderfully by actor Jefferson White, Jimmy, a former methamphetamine cook, has become a fan favorite.

We hope to learn Jimmy’s fate in the season four premiere on November 7.