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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Did Eagle-Eyed Fans Catch a Switch from Original Script in Subtitles?

by Jon D. B.
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

As this Yellowstone fan points out: why are the actors constantly saying one name, when the subtitles clearly spell out one completely different?

Sharp fans of Paramount’s #1 cable drama have recently spotted something very curious, indeed. Taking to Reddit’s popular Yellowstone board, one viewer seeks answers by stating the oddity straight up:

“Is there a reason why the subtitles say “Metro Capital” when the line is audibly “Market Equities”?” redditor ImNotAnybody asks. It’s a curious conundrum, indeed, given it’s only catchable to those watching Yellowstone with subtitles.

As such, has this interesting switch-up flown under the radar this whole time? Or, at least since Market Equities became a huge player in Season 3 alongside Roarke Morris and Willa Hays?

The top comment on the Yellowstone thread doesn’t seem to think so. In an attempt to answer, mjmigeme chimes in with:

“Probably a change from the original script for some reason. Subtitles are generally generated from a script, so they probably changed the line during filming.”

As it turns out, this top commenter is absolutely right. While it’s fun to daydream on what this mysterious “Metro Capital” venture could be hiding – it all boils down to a name-switch during production.

Yellowstone Switch-Up: Metro Capital is No More

After doing some digging on “Metro Capital,” the answer becomes clear: “Metro Capital” was the original name given to “Market Equities,” the Fortune 500 company that Willa Hayes is CEO of in Yellowstone canon. How do we know this?

According to Deadline’s exclusive casting announcement on August 21, 2019, “Karen Pittman (The Morning Show) is set for a recurring role opposite Kevin Costner on the upcoming third season of Paramount Network’s flagship drama series Yellowstone,” the trade begins, before revealing that:

“In a major arc, Pittman will play Willa Hays. Very smart, confident, intimidating, walks with the posture of a field general, all sharp angles (her hair, her suit, her thousand dollar shoes), Willa is the CEO of Metro Capital. An astute businesswoman who seems to always get what she wants, Willa has come to Yellowstone to make John Dutton (Costner) an offer that he can’t refuse.”

In short: this is a casting announcement for Pittman’s (brilliant) role as Willa Hays. Such announcements are written well, well in advance to filming. Over production, the name of the company would have been changed to Market Equities. The transcript given to produce subtitles, however, must’ve been an early incarnation. As a result, the subtitles would read “Metro Capital” still, while actors were clearly saying “Market Equities” on screen.

Yellowstone: O – Outsider: 1.

What’s Going On With Market Equities Anyway?

Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Is Market Equities still not ringing a bell for you? Out of everyone Beth has shafted for Yellowstone, she hit Market Equities the hardest.

Firstly, Beth manipulated the stock market through purchases and bets on ME’s stock to de-value the company. Equities then struck back by advising their shareholders to purchase enough shares of Schwartz & Meyer to give them a majority stake. This allowed them the power to fire Beth – and take control of the land she purchased around the Yellowstone Ranch.

Beth being Beth damn Dutton, however, means it would never end this way. The sharp, ruthless businesswoman retaliated by feeding an anonymous tip about Market Equities’ CEO Hays to the media. This, in turn, took her from harm’s way. Or so we thought….

Through this trade war, Beth destroyed fellow landowner Roarke Morris’ claim to power through his company, Market Equities. But this doesn’t come without consequences.

In reality, company-based empires are ruthless. And in fiction? They’re far more deadly. Market Equities needs Beth out of the picture immediately. In the world of Yellowstone, there’s no doubt they have the strongest motives to assassinate her. The show has, however, heavily hinted at a connection between Roarke and Beth – and it is unlikely he himself would pull the trigger on her. If anything, Season 4 seems poised to have Market Equities responsible for her hit, and Roarke caught in the middle.

Only time will tell, however. Thankfully, that time is soon – and Yellowstone will return for Season 4 Summer of 2021.