‘Yellowstone’ TV: Did This Fan Come Up With ‘Perfect Twist’ for Season 4?

by Evan Reier

Alright, it’s time to get wild. Yellowstone fans may need to take a seat to try and keep up with how crazy this theory is.

While we now know that one of our favorite shows’ new season is coming this Fall, the waiting isn’t getting any easier. Have a probable end date is nice, but considering we were all expecting Yellowstone Season 4 at some point this summer, it’s not exactly the best-case scenario.

And as we wait, the hype builds for how the show will begin Season 4. Considering the Duttons and their allies were either being shot, blown up or attacked at the end of Season 3, there is fertile ground for even more wild turns.

This is where Reddit user u/x3891517x comes in. The Yellowstone subreddit has been theorizing and debating since the last season’s end. Big and small details are up for grabs on the forum.

u/x3891517x takes aim at the big side in a recent idea for a Season 4 twist. And it’s not one that many fans would be happy with.

According to the user, “the perfect twist would be” one that revealed that Tate is not the biological son of Kayce. We know.

Further, they suggest that Monica is working with Mo, the righthand of Thomas Rainwater, to betray him. The post’s writing is a little confusing on if Tate is the child of Mo. But either way, Tate isn’t the son of Kayce in this scenario, and Monica only got with Kayce and the Duttons in order to make a long-term move. As the user puts it, “Monica’s real name could not even be Monica.”

Alright, before we get to the responses to the wild theory, we here at Outsider have two cents: this is absolutely insane and wouldn’t make any sense.

Yellowstone Fans Consider Twist’s Possibility

Don’t get it twisted, Yellowstone has some twists and developments that stretch reality and sensible storytelling. It’s part of why the show is so fun. But the idea that Monica would have gone through everything she’s gone through to fit in with the Duttons with the ultimate goal of betraying Rainwater, is just… Unbelievable.

Further, Mo is a guy not to be messed with, but it would feel distinctly out of character for him to betray Rainwater. Sure, everyone’s playing chess in Montana, but at the end of the day, that’s not a character move or development that Yellowstone‘s creative staff has earned.

However, we may be alone in that thought. itsallgood178 says they could see it.

“I really hope this doesn’t become true bc Monica and Kayce have kind of a pure thing but I could unfortunately see it. Or her turning on the Duttons somehow.”

Monica turning on the Duttons is something we’d have a hard time believing. However, it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility. There have been bumps in Kayce and Monica’s relationship. But really, it would more be a situation of Monica being forced to choose a side, rather than betrayal.

Another user, 7ruby18, is more in line with our thinking.

“Mo has respect for John,” the Reddit user wrote. “So I doubt he’d blatantly do anything against him. And biting the hand that feeds you is risky, so I doubt he’d turn against Rainwater. And if Monica/not Monica is running a long con (LOL!!!) wouldn’t her grandfather know about it? Felix and John seem to have mutual respect for one another so I can’t see any type of super secret con being constructed by anyone in Felix’s sphere of influence.