‘Yellowstone’ TV: Did Fans Catch Two New Scene Teases in Season 4 Trailer?

by Thad Mitchell

Fans of the Paramount Network television show “Yellowstone” are still rejoicing over news that the beloved show will be returning later this year.

In addition to announcing that “Yellowstone” will be returning in the fall, show creators also put a short video teaser. Immediately after it was put into public circulation, the internet lit up with discussion about the modern western drama.

Though it’s only been out a few days, “Yellowstone” watchers have watched the trailer several times over already. Fans are analyzing every single second of the one-minute video teasing a brand new season. In the unlikely event that you have not yet seen the season four trailer, you can watch it here:

While most of the footage is from previous seasons of “Yellowstone,” there is a lot to discuss in this video. It ends with Rip Wheeler begging John Dutton not to die in his hands. Fans have plenty to say about the video and the brief glimpses of season four that we see in it. A recent thread on message board forum site Reddit consists of numerous fans sharing their thoughts on the trailer.

“There are two clips from the upcoming season in it,” the Reddit user writes. “At the very end of the trailer is the one of Rip coming to John’s rescue, which I think everyone has already picked up on. But, at the very beginning of the trailer, there is another. It seems to be Kayce and John sitting on horses.”

The “Yellowstone” fan then makes a bold prediction based on the conversation between John and Kayce Dutton in the video.

“I think Kayce will finally grasp what John and his ancestors have truly been fighting for,” the fan says. “Kayce will accept and proudly do what is necessary to maintain that way of life.”

Kayce assuming the responsibilities of his father is a notion that many “Yellowstone” followers believe will happen. Of John Dutton’s children, Kayce seems to be the most prepared and most willing to take on the challenges of the ranch. Will it come to pass? We will have to wait until the fall season to find out.

“Yellowstone” fans are absolutely giddy with excitement to have a firm timeline on when season four will premiere. The wait for a new season will go on a little longer than most everyone was expecting, but the show’s creators assure us it will all be worth it.

The first order of business in season four is determining just who is dead and who is alive. The season three finale left the fate of four primary characters totally up in the air as the final seconds tick away.

Now, the waiting game continues for “Yellowstone” loyalists. Hang in there guys — good things come to those who wait.