‘Yellowstone’ TV: Did Fans Uncover ‘Sneaky’ Trick Paramount Is Trying to Pull With Spinoff Show ‘1883’?

by Katie Maloney

“Yellowstone” fans are not happy about this streaming discovery.

Once upon a time, there were viewers. And those viewers had one, maybe two televisions in their home. And those televisions had a series of channels that they tuned into to watch shows. The end. And when we say “the end” we are referring to the end of both the story and that time period. Gone are the days where all shows and movies air on just one set of television channels.

Nowadays, we have cable, streaming devices and platforms, networks, and more. And all of our shows and favorite movies stream via different platforms. And all of that has both its benefits and its challenges. It’s beneficial because we have so many more options for shows and movies. However, it’s challenging because our favorite shows often stream from different streaming services. And downloading each of these services can get pretty expensive. The whole thing can be a little frustrating. And “Yellowstone” fans are certainly feeling the frustration. They shared their thoughts on a Reddit thread.

“Also revealed on Thursday were the premiere dates for Paramount+’s 1883, the Yellowstone prequel,” wrote one fan. “The former will bow on Sunday, Dec. 19, the latter on Sunday, Nov. 14. Both shows will also premiere on Paramount Network following the episodes of Yellowstone that air the day they drop — but subsequent episodes will be exclusive to Paramount+. “

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Frustrated With Paramount+ Streaming Service

Most “Yellowstone” fans are already aware of this information. But this fan suggests that the network did this on purpose as a marketing tactic.

“What a sneaky way to try and dip their hands into our pockets so we’ll shell out $$$ for Paramount+. Sorry, not happening here,” wrote the fan. “I’ll wait until “1883” is on DVD. It’s cheaper in the long run and DVDs usually come with added bonuses.”

Another fan agreed.

“I do agree that having it on a paid app is annoying. Especially if the first episode will be on cable,” wrote the fan.

That same “Yellowstone” fan then suggested a cheaper alternative. They wrote, “You could always wait until the first season is out, get a month of Paramount for 10 bucks, watch them all, then cancel.”

Another fan, who already pays for cable, shared in the frustration.

“I refuse to shell out money to get Paramount+ I will watch ‘Yellowstone’ on the Paramount channel that I have with my cable package,” wrote the fan. “There are too many streaming services and I’m not subscribing to any of them.”

We certainly agree that the number of streaming services available can feel overwhelming. That said, we are totally willing to do whatever it takes to watch both “Yellowstone” and the new spinoff series, “1883.”