‘Yellowstone’ TV: Did Kayce Dutton ‘Kill’ or ‘Murder’ Beck Brother After Delivering Unforgettable Quote?

by Thad Mitchell

With the fourth and latest season of “Yellowstone” still months away, some fans are looking back over the show’s pivotal moments.

One such moment comes near the end of season two when Kayce Dutton shoots Teal Beck in the bathroom of his own house. Before Kayce shoots the Beck brother, he delivers an iconic line that still echoes in the minds of “Yellowstone” fans. After reviewing previous episodes, some fans are pointing out the hypocrisy of Kayce’s statement. It became a highly debated topic in a recent Reddit thread discussion.

“I’ve killed a lot of men in my life but I’ve never murdered one,” Kayce says before blasting Teal Beck.

Teal is shot as he sits on his toilet reading a newspaper. It isn’t exactly a hero’s death but it is hard to feel any remorse for the Beck brothers. The duo hires a Montana armed militia to abduct Kayce’s son, Tate Dutton, in order to manipulate the actions of the “Yellowstone” Dutton family. Led by Kayce, a former Navy Seal, the Duttons and their associates easily overcome the militia and safely retrieve young Tate. Now, fans are looking back on the circumstances that led to the events of the second season.

“Kayce: shoots and kills the guy who arranged the kidnapping of his son while the guy reads a newspaper on the toilet,” a Reddit user points out. “Also Kayce: I’ve killed a lot of men in my life but I’ve never murdered one.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Debate Kayce’s Choice of Words

The Reddit post stirs a debate among “Yellowstone” fans regarding Kayce’s words and actions in season two.

“I feel like because he is killing him because he kidnapped his son he sees this as a justifiable killing or self-defense in a way,” another “Yellowstone” fan says.

Others say it is Kayce’s way of rationalizing the reason for killing, or murdering, Teal Beck.

“That’s not a murder that’s keeping his word to his wife,” a Redditor writes. “‘In this valley, we keep our word, etc'” and he kidnapped the guy’s son so pretty sure that’s justified in Kayce’s eyes.”

However you choose to look at the iconic “Yellowstone” scene, it makes Kayce an even bigger badass in fans’ eyes.

“Yellowstone” fans are now curious to see what the future holds for Kayce Dutton and his young family. The first step will be determining if Kayce is dead or alive to begin the fourth season. The last time we see Kayce, he flips over his office desk to take cover from approaching gunmen. Most fans believe that Kayce survives the attack and will be a big part of the fourth season plot.

We wouldn’t bet against Kayce seeking out revenge upon whoever attacks his family in season three. It just seems like the Kayce Dutton thing to do and it’s what “Yellowstone” fans want to see.