‘Yellowstone’ TV: Did One Fan Uncover the ‘Obvious’ Plan for the Future of the Dutton Ranch?

by Halle Ames

Did one Yellowstone fan uncover the ‘obvious’ plan the Duttons have for the future of the massive Montana ranch?

Is there an “obvious” plan? Am I missing something? I feel like I’ve put the show under a microscope and, with a very fine-toothed comb, have picked apart every possible outcome. Maybe I am missing something, but nothing ever seems to be obvious in Yellowstone.

Yellowstone Thus Far

To keep you up to date, this is where fans are in Yellowstone. Market Equities hopes to buy up a large portion of the Dutton ranch for half a billion dollars and place an airport there. Governor Perry is on board with the proposal due to the influx of jobs and tourism it would bring to the state. Thomas Rainwater and the reservation are in the Dutton’s corner and will be trying to get the proposal shut down.

After the meeting with all the Montana superpowers, assassination attempts were carried out on Kayce, Beth, and John Dutton. Yellowstone fans still are unsure who will survive or perish from the attacks, although we have our theories.

Well, apparently, so does Reddit. One Yellowstone fan took to the social media platform to determine how they predict season four will happen.

“John is not money-motivated, and he doesn’t want to see the land physically change. He will not sell for developers. $500M means nothing to him. He wants to leave it for his kids and, eventually, Tate, who’s aboriginal. The State wants to appropriate the land. So, what’s going to happen is that John is going to sell the land to the Broken Rock tribe (or whatever they’re called) for 10c on the dollar.

(1) The land will be retained in the Dutton family (grandkid) and their nation.
(2) The state will lose jurisdiction over the land because it will be owned by Broken Rock (federal jurisdiction), and John will live out his years on the ranch while passing it on to the stewards of the land.

Zip. Done. Everything else is noise.”

But on the Other Hand…

Wow, very matter-of-factly.

And while this would be a great idea, who is to say Chief Rainwater doesn’t gobble up the land for something else? If you give the land to the reservation, then it belongs to Thomas Rainwater. He has made countless remarks about reclaiming the land someday for his people.

We don’t foresee him happily handing it back over to Tate or letting John Dutton just happily live on the land, especially after having him thrown in jail in earlier seasons.

Other Yellowstone fans flocked to the comment section to debate this theory.

“With the lawsuit, the reservation is going to file the development of will be tied up in court as Rainwater stated. I think saying I would rather lose it than sell it, he could have the option of rewriting the trust. He could leave the ranch to Tate with the reservation being able to share the land, as long as there is no development to the property. Tate controls the ranch house and all outbuildings and can continue to ranch. He didn’t sell it, and the land is left as it is basically what he and Rainwater both want.”

The only thing we can say for certain is that we cannot wait for Yellowstone season four. It is sure to be action-packed.