‘Yellowstone’ TV: Did This Rip Wheeler Line Foreshadow Beth’s Season 3 Finale Fate?

by Halle Ames

Did this line from Rip Wheeler in season one of Yellowstone foreshadow Beth Dutton’s fate or jinx it? 

I know it has been years, but I need you to rewind the tapes in your mind. Think back to Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler’s “first date.” Yes, the morbid one, where Rip asks Beth if she would like to drink and watch wolves devour a buffalo in the park.

Because something like hearts and roses is too mainstream. However, in Rip’s defense, Beth asks for a date that was suited to her personality. Dead animal it is then! 

Beth and Rip’s First Date

However, during that lovely date, the two get to talking about the time they have spent apart from each other. When Beth saw the opportunity to leave Montana, she packed her bags and headed to Salt Lake City, leaving behind her family and history with Rip Wheeler. 

Upon her return to the Yellowstone ranch, so did the two’s undying feelings. After a failed attempt at asking Beth on a date to a music festival, they decided on this unconventional option. 

“I’ve done some morbid s–t on a first date, but this takes the cake, Rip,” Beth said… Like we noted before. 

“Yeah, well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but everything you know and everyone you see, everywhere, is going to die,” states Rip.

“You got old,” notes Beth.

“God, you haven’t aged a day,” says Rip. “Sh*t, you might just cheat death yet.”

What Does this Mean for Yellowstone Season Four?

For the love of all that good, please knock on wood. Please tell us that this doesn’t mean the end for Beth Dutton. Did Rip jinx Beth, and will she perish in Yellowstone season four? Or does he foreshadow that she will once again cheat death? 

In season two, Beth survived an attack in her office by two of the Beck Brother’s hitmen, thanks to Rip. As she was being attacked and beaten, Rip Wheeler comes charging in to save the day. The assailants stood no chance. 

But is Beth Dutton like a cat with nine lives, or has her luck run out? In the Yellowstone season three finale, Beth’s assistant opened a box addressed to the youngest Dutton while packing up her belongings. Beth tried to warn her about what may be inside the package, but it was too late. BOOM! 

An explosion goes off, sending dust and debris flying from the blown-out windows. Does Beth survive the blast? Could anyone that was standing within 15 feet of a bomb this size? What will become of Rip, who is still in the dark about the whole situation? Will he go on a warpath to find out who did this to his beloved fiancé? 

Yellowstone’s season four has all the answers you need. Unfortunately, those answers are still months away. Hold tight. We are in this for the long haul.