‘Yellowstone’ TV: Did Roarke Team Up With These Dutton Family Rivals to Commit Season 3 Finale Attacks?

by Jennifer Shea

On “Yellowstone,” Roarke (Josh Holloway) has often seemed downright agreeable compared to some of the other villains the Dutton clan has faced. (The murderous Beck brothers are probably foremost among those.) But Roarke’s easygoing demeanor and love of fishing aren’t fooling Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly). She recognizes a formidable opponent when she sees one.

In fact, by the end of Season 3, fans had to wonder whether the yoga-crazed hedge fund manager might have succeeded where all the Duttons’ other foes have failed.

Fans were left hanging by the Season 3 finale. So they began speculating on Reddit about what role if any Roarke might have played in those final attacks.

Might Roarke Have Teamed Up With Other Enemies to Commit Attacks?

Some “Yellowstone” fans saw an either/or possibility. In other words, either Roarke or some Season 2 enemies went after multiple Duttons at once in the last episode.

“I think it’s likely to be Roarke who’s behind the attacks and/or people Wade was connected to besides Roarke,” one fan posted. “It had to be someone who had knowledge that Beth would be in her office that day since she was fired.”

“The other possibility is that it was fallout from the Beck brothers,” the fan added. “And possibly the militia/extremists that the Becks used to kidnap Tate.”

But just as Beth and Angela Blue Thunder (Q’orianka Kilcher) teamed up at the end of Season 3, so too could multiple bad guys have joined forces. “Yellowstone” has not tied up all of its Season 2 loose threads. And there could be a number of vengeful baddies out there waiting to pay the Duttons back.

Were the ‘Yellowstone’ Season 3 Hits Piecemeal or Coordinated?

The other big question that vexes “Yellowstone” fans is whether the attacks in the Season 3 finale were coordinated by one person or group, or were separate acts carried out by different antagonists.

“My bet is that Roarke and Willa are guilty for Beth’s, Jaime’s father for John and Angela (Rainwater’s employee) for Kayce,” one fan guessed.

“I doubt it was piecemeal like that,” another fan pointed out. “They were all hit at the same time, and Rainwater had no reason to ally with Roarke. Further, I doubt Rainwater would target Kayce since Kayce’s son and wife are part of his tribe… And we’ve never seen ill will between him and Kayce.”

“Yellowstone” fans seem really divided on the question of whether Jamie is capable of ordering hits on his own adoptive family. Granted, he did kill a reporter with his bare hands. But will he go on killing? That remains an open question.

And what will Rip do once he finds out about the bomb sent to Beth’s office? There’s likely to be some serious score-settling happening once Season 4 kicks off. But first, the Dutton ranch will have to figure out who’s behind each attack. Just as “Yellowstone” fans are attempting to do now.