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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Did Season 2 Already Reveal the Fate of Kayce and Monica Ahead of Season 4?

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Did season two of Yellowstone already solidify the fate for Kayce Dutton and Monica Long’s relationship ahead of season four?

Throughout the hit western series, Monica and Kayce’s relationship has been full of secrets and roadblocks that have caused their fair share of ups and downs. The two have separated, rekindled their love, had their child kidnapped, lied to each other, and yet, they have come out of it all. But are the constant problems taking their toll on the Yellowstone couple? Is this the beginning of the end for Monica and Kayce?

One Yellowstone fan took to Reddit to discuss a season two scene between Monica and Beth.

“In S2, Beth tells Monica that when she leaves again (because she will leave again) to take Kayce with her. So perhaps in S4, everyone somehow makes it out alive, but Monica and fam bail, effectively leaving the show. Or do we think Monica is more loyal/committed to her role now? Sad to think about. In my feels. Thoughts?”

Will everyone survive? Will Monica say that is the final straw and give Kayce the ultimatum between her and Tate and the ranch? What will Kayce choose? Or, is Monica in too deep? Does she accept the imminent danger that is associated with the Yellowstone and decide to stay and fight for the property?

Is Monica a Double Agent?

Other Yellowstone die-hearts replied to the question raised. However, instead of thinking the best of Monica Long, this person assumes she plans to deceive the ranch and get the land back for the reservation. A double agent situation.

“I’m left wondering if she has a plot twist to turn the Yellowstone back to her people through Tate’s inheritance. I’ve seen others here with the same ideas. And showing her strong support of the people and history of her tribe, it kind of made sense to me. But let’s not forget there’s 2 more seasons coming, I believe, so this is all just theory and speculation.”

Will Tate Save the Yellowstone Ranch?

Is there a plan to put Tate as the Yellowstone ranches beneficiary? Therefore, Market Equities could not take the land since Tate is half Native American, and so the land is protected. I mean, the property was going to be passed down to him anyway, so he might as well put it in Tate’s name now and save them hundreds of acres from being lost or destroyed from an airport.

Unfortunately, anxious fans will not have the answers that they seek until Yellowstone season four. And with no indication on when that will air, I don’t recommend holding your breath in anticipation. We could be here a while. Some have guessed July. Others have assumed it was canceled. We predict that Yellowstone will debut season four sometime in 2021. While we know that isn’t very specific at all, considering there are still six months left in the year, beggars can’t be choosers. And right now, hope is all we are holding onto.