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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Did This Season 3 Villain Actor’s New Casting Seal Their Season 4 Fate?

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Still a few months from its return to our television sets, Yellowstone never ceases to keep its audience on the edge of their seats.

The hit Paramount Network series centers on the Duttons, a powerful Montana ranching family with far-reaching influence. The plot revolves around the lengths the Duttons, and their ranch workers will go to protect their property and way of life.

Yellowstone Ranch has been a part of the Dutton family for centuries and they have no intention of letting it go. Even after Market Equities offers them $500 million for the property, they still refuse to even listen.

Now Yellowstone fans believe they have found information that a season three villain’s time on the show could be coming to a close.

Market Equities, the company hoping to buy the ranch, is ran by CEO Willa Hayes and her associate, Rourke Morris. Veteran actor Josh Holloway plays the confident and manipulative Morris, who will stop at nothing to obtain Yellowstone Ranch. Market Equities plans to use the property to build an airport.

Fans Discover Actor Josh Holloway has a New Gig

With a little detective work, Yellowstone fans have discovered that Holloway will star in the new HBO series “Duster” in the near future. With a brand new leading role, it is unlikely Holloway will continue playing Morris past the upcoming fourth season.

Fans deduce that this will mark the end of Morris on Yellowstone. A Reddit poster recently reveals the news in a thread covered by a “spoiler alert.”

“Josh Holloway will star in a new show on HBO Max, so we can say that after the fourth season he leaves Yellowstone,” the poster asks. “It’s sad that they didn’t even try to keep him around more, but at least he will be in a promising project.”

Holloway is a popular television actor, having starred in sci-fi thrillers “Lost” and “Colony” before appearing on Yellowstone. It is safe to say there are a fair amount of fans who would like to see him stay on Yellowstone Ranch, even if he is a “bad guy.”

“I think Roarke and Willa will be defeated this season, so is very possible that this is their last season,” a Reddit user says. “Hope to see them as compelling threats or villains before being written off though.”

Yellowstone Fans Speculate on New Villain

With the Market Equities duo possibly on the outs after the fourth season, fans are already speculating on who rises to be the new primary villain of Yellowstone.

Many are pointing the finger at Jamie Dutton. He recently reunited with his biological father, who seems to suggest to his son that the only way to take over Yellowstone Ranch is to “kill the king.” The king, in this case, is Jamie’s adopted father John Dutton.

Others say Native-American leader Chief Rainwater will take over as the primary adversary. His thoughts of making peace with the Duttons seem to have changed with the arrival of the cunning Angela Blue Thunder.

Perhaps the show will bring in new characters to play the main villains in season five and beyond. One thing is for certain and that is Yellowstone fans can’t wait for new episodes.