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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Do the Dutton Ranch Horses Have Names?

by Matthew Wilson
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

A horse is a cowboy’s best friend. Since the hit show “Yellowstone” is a modern-day western, the show features a lot of different mounts and breeds. But do the Dutton Ranch horses have names on the show?

Well, some eagle-eyed (or should we say eagle-eared) fans picked up on some of the horses’ names. In a Reddit post, the “Yellowstone” faithful discussed what each horse was called. And which cowboy rides which mount. For instance, Jimmy’s horse is apparently named Ray. Meanwhile, Colby rides a horse named Owen.

Wanna know what horse Tate rides? Well, that would be Lucky. Some of the other mount’s names are Red, Blue Jeans, Snoopy, and Prickly Pete. They all make for a diverse and colorful bunch, almost as much as the “Yellowstone” cast themselves.

In real life, “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan has featured his own horse on the show. Sheridan calls the 2007 bay gelding by the moniker Dun It Chexinic. It’s earned $32,000 in reining. Sheridan has also personally ridden the mount, competing in the Careity Celebrity Cutting Competition.

Another of Sheridan’s mounts to make it into “Yellowstone” was Walla Walla Starbuck. That horse is worth around $50,000 and also one of Sheridan’s prized horses.

“As far as my horses go, I supply most of the horses to ‘Yellowstone,’ my TV show,” Sheridan told Cowboys and Indians. “And then I have horses that I show and breed.”

‘Yellowstone’ Features Real Cowboys

When it comes to making “Yellowstone,” Taylor Sheridan has always gone for authenticity. That’s why the hit series also features real-life cowboys. Several cowboys have featured in the series so far. Sheridan employed riders that have competed in the NRHA Futurity, a well-known competition.

For instance, both Andrea Fappani and Tim McQuay are legends within the industry. Fappani is a $5 million horse rider, and McQuay is a $3 million rider. Within the show, they appeared a few times to show off their skills on horseback.

“If I’d make a movie about an astronaut going into space, I am making that movie for astronauts,” Sheridan said. “For the astronauts to think, ‘Wow, that’s exactly what it’s like.’ Because if they believe it’s like that, the rest of the audience will as well. So, with Yellowstone and Last Cowboy, the authenticity of a situation is very important to me.”

Besides authenticity, “Yellowstone” employs trained professionals for safety. Working with live animals can be dangerous if a rider or person doesn’t properly understand the animal. By employing cowboys, Sheridan makes his production that much closer to real life. But he also protects the lives of his cast and crew as well. And just like in real life, “Yellowstone” features a few recurring horses as well. And if you pay close attention, you can even learn their names.