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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Do Thomas Rainwater, Roarke Morris Team Up to Take Down The Duttons?

by Jon D. B.
Photo credit: Paramount Network / Viacom

With Yellowstone Season 3 ending on such an incredibly intense note, fans are scrambling to decode who’s taking down the Duttons.

The Dutton family are far from strangers to tragedy. When we left them in the S3 finale, a string of terrifying assassination attempts were made on nearly the entire family. And with the amount of drama that unfolded beforehand, eagle-eyed fans think they’ve spotted just who’s plotting to plug the Dutton bloodline.

John Dutton took several bullets on the side of the road whilst trying to help a stranded mother and son. The only thing preventing his death via a bullet to the heart? His cellphone placed in his chest pocket.

In addition, his children Kayce and Beth both had attempts made on their lives while working. As a result, the fates of some of our favorite characters hang in the balance.

The culprit – or culprits – however, remain at large.

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The Duttons need to do nothing other than own the largest contiguous ranch in the entire U.S. to stir up enemies. When you’ve got that much land, the vultures will want to have their cut. Enter the many possible masterminds behind the Dutton assassination attempts. But is it just one said mastermind? Or several culprits working together?

While watching, re-watching, and then watching Yellowstone Season 3 again, passionate fans have come up with several plausible theories as to who wants the Duttons dead most. Perhaps the most obvious culprit is S3’s main antagonist, Roarke Morris. Played by Josh Holloway, Roarke has become a fan-favorite villain instantly and a true rival for the Duttons.

In one of S3’s best moments, he digs deep into this rivalry with Beth Dutton, showing just how much of a threat they are to one another.

So many of us thought Morris had to be the one responsible during that season finale, right? As seen in the clip above, Beth absolutely decimates the value of Morris’ stocks. However, he isn’t broken by this. It’s not enough to cripple a man of his stature and wealth. So what is?

Perhaps that answer comes from considering just who else Morris could be working with. A running thread on Reddit suggests a powerful partnership has formed not with – but against the Duttons.

Redditor CCOG84 starts the theoretical thread:

“Okay so the season ended with madness. It’s kinda clear that Roarke is behind the attacks. Hear me out, what if it is actually Rainwater or Angela and Mo?”


Longtime fans of the show won’t be surprised at this suggestion, either. Rainwater has been out for the Duttons since the early throws of the first season. The patriarch of Broken Rock Indian Reservation, Rainwater (played perfectly by Gil Birmingham) is keen on reclaiming the Dutton Ranch in the name of his Native American ancestors. The land would have, after all, been occupied by his people first and foremost.

Moreover, Rainwater has a secret weapon: Angela. Angela Blue Thunder (Q’orianka Kilcher) is notoriously secretive and may be willing to help betray the Duttons after revealing her true feelings in regards to her ancestors. Rainwater’s assistant, Mo (Mo Brings Plenty), is, too. And with everyone looking to Morris and the financial war during S3 – it could’ve been the perfect time to strike.

“I mean she kinda made a solid point, now is the perfect time to attack him because everyone will think Roarke and his people did it. That would be an awesome twist.”


And if Morris and Rainwater were to strike a deal, instead? Powerful people make powerful enemies. If these two wolves move in on the Duttons together from both sides, surely they’ll finally have cornered the big bad bear – John Dutton.

Only time will tell, however. Thankfully, that time is soon – in 2021 when Yellowstone returns to Paramount Network and Peacock streaming services.