‘Yellowstone’ TV: Do You Want to See These Actors on Show in Future?

by Jon D. B.

Two words, Yellowstone fans: Timothy Olyphant. This batch of wish-list actors is spot on. Which would you like to see on the show?

If you’re looking for some fine Yellowstone fan discussion, the show’s active Reddit board is the place to be. Take this latest post, for example. Redditor adiman93 poses the question: “What are some of the actors you would like to see on the show?” – and they’ve got our wheels spinnin’.

The Redditor kicks things off with some truly fine suggestions, too. “For Example : Timothy Olyphant as a US Marshall looking into the business dealings of the Dutton Family.”

Not your speed? How about “Ian McShane: A politician from Montana who wants to be Governor, he is opposing the Dutton Family. Or Walton Goggins: A cowboy who has history with Rip.”

Olyphant, in particular, would be a perfect fit. He’s made almost as much of a name for himself in the Western pantheon as Kevin Costner. Ian McShane’s intensity and voice, too, are always top-notch additions to any project. One Redditor agrees, replying: “I think McShane, he would be a hell of an adversary. A colorful character too. Particularly if he still was in the saloon business.”

The only one that’s an easy pass for this Outsider is Walton Goggins. He’s a unique character actor with many action films and Westerns under his belt, sure, and starred alongside Olyphant in Justified.

“So you want Timothy Olyphant to just be Raylan Givens and Walton Goggins to be Boyd Crowder? Lol don’t get me wrong..I’d love to see it. lol. Justified was a great show,” replies Liberteer30.

Regardless, I’m not a fan. To each their own. Olyphant, however, would be the perfect addition.

‘Yellowstone’ Dream Cast: Timothy Olyphant, Ian McShane, Josh Brolin

Which is why u/betwixtstars suggestion of Josh Brolin feels much more on-the-nose. “Josh Brolin – owner of King Ranch,” the Redditor offers. At first, Yellowstone doesn’t feel Brolin’s speed, as he’s busy starring in the biggest film franchises of all time. He is Thanos, after all. But as sharp fans know, the man’s own daughter has a recurring role on the show. That’s right, Mia is played by none other than Eden Brolin.

The top fan want on Reddit, however, is no surprise.

“Always wanted Sam Elliot, I guess there’s a partial win with 1883,” replies u/FishersAreHookers. Indeed, we’re set to see Sam Elliott as a lead in 1883, so we’re finally getting this wish, Yellowstone fans. It’s a bummer he won’t be a part of John Dutton’s story, but we’ll take what we can get.

This Outsider’s Pick, However, is:

(Photo by RB/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

That’s right. Jeff Bridges. Give me Jeff Bridges in Yellowstone. As anyone. And I’ll be 100% sold.