‘Yellowstone’ TV: Does Cole Hauser Seal Rip Wheeler’s Fate for Season 5?

by Jon D. B.

In this rarely-seen interview, Yellowstone‘s own Cole Hauser details Rip Wheeler‘s fate not only for Season 4, but for Season 5, as well.

Can someone say “spill the beans, Hauser?” Because the man himself did just that! In this under-viewed interview from earlier this year (March 2021), the Yellowstone icon spills quite a bit, actually.

From revealing his favorite characters on the show, to pinpointing which actor is least like their role, this 30 minute sit-down with Hall Wines turned out to be quite the fantastic “Virtual Happy Hour” for Yellowstone and Cole Hauser fans.

Specifically, Hauser dishes some big hints when asked about filming for Season 5. At the time, fans had no idea they’d be waiting ’til Fall 2021 for Season 4, let alone that a Season 5 was officially to begin filming Summer 2021. But the actor’s comments do much to clear the air:

“Taylor’s working on [the scripts] right now, and I think we will be back sometime in July. That’s what I’m looking forward to, getting back to Montana,” Hauser answers of Yellowstone‘s filming for Season 5.

The next part of his statement, however, seals the deal – and Rip Wheeler’s fate. Unless he’s playing us all for fools, Rip will 100% survive Season 4 to continue on.

“And after Season 5 – I mean, Season 5 is going to be wonderful. The way we ended Season 4… I can’t give too much away. But the way Season 4 ends, I think the audience [will be] happily surprised with a lot of things,” he offers.

Well, well, well! Fans shouldn’t be too surprised that one of Yellowstone‘s most popular characters will, in fact, survive for several more seasons. But Rip lives fast & dangerous – so the confirmation feels nice, nonetheless.

‘Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser Has a Long Family History with Montana

There’s plenty more from Hauser in the full interview, too. Within, he reveals his love for filming in Montana, and how deeply his family is connected to the lands surrounding Yellowstone.

Kathryn Hall hosts actor Cole Hauser on Facebook and YouTube Live.

Virtual Happy Hour with Cole Hauser

“Well actually, my dad’s side of the family, they’re all from there; they’re from Helena, which is the capital,” the Yellowstone star reveals. “And they’ve been up there since the beginning of time, so it was always kind of a dream of mine to go up there and do something.”

American history enthusiasts – and Hauser’s Native American co-stars – might not agree with this… Ah… “beginning of time” statement, but Hauser is beyond excited that Yellowstone is now filming “100% of the show in Montana.”

“It’s just an honor for me as an actor but also for somebody whose family has been there since the beginning. My great-grandfather was the first governor of Montana. He was a banker. Yeah, it’s pretty cool,” he continues.

Pretty cool, indeed. Cole Hauser will be back as Rip Wheeler come Yellowstone Season 4 in Fall 2021. And, apparently, for Season 5, as well!