‘Yellowstone’ TV: Does Jamie Dutton Get ‘Too Much Hate’ From His Family?

by Thad Mitchell

The wait for a brand new season of hit Paramount Network series Yellowstone continues as we move deeper into the month of June.

In the show’s absence, Yellowstone fans have turned to internet forums to discuss and dissect their favorite show. On forums, such as Reddit, you will find pretty much everything you can imagine regarding the modern western drama. Fans often bring up points that inspire great debate among Yellowstone loyalists. A recent Redditor asks a question that most every fan has asked themselves: Does Jamie Dutton get too much hate from his family?

Played brilliantly by veteran actor Wes Bentley, Jamie Dutton is definitely the “black sheep” of his family. He seems to be in constant conflict with other members of his Yellowstone family. His political ambitions often draw the ire of his father, John Dutton. His sister, Beth Dutton, hates him for an incident when they were much younger. But, does Jamie deserve all of the hostility that he gets from his family? The opinions on the matter are split down the middle.

“I’ve always wondered why Jamie gets hated on so much,” a Reddit user writes. ” I feel like he does everything he can for the ranch, and it never seems enough to anyone. I see a guy who has put his whole life into this farm.”

‘Yellowstone’ Watchers Ponder Jamie’s Position

The conflict between Jamie and John Dutton reached a boiling point in season three when the former finds out he is adopted. He questions his father’s decision to not tell him about the adoption. The revelation has a big impact as he looks to reconnect with his biological father, Garrett Randall. Some fans believe Jamie and Randall could be behind the attempt on John Dutton’s life. That remains to be seen but it seems the rift between father and adopted son continues to grow.

Yellowstone fans spend two seasons wondering why Beth despises Jamie so much before the shocking revelation. A teenage Beth gets pregnant and asks for Jamie’s help in terminating the pregnancy. During the procedure, Beth is sterilized and as a result, can not bear children. She holds a forever grudge against her brother for the incident.

So, does Jamie deserve all of the hate that he receives from his own family? Probably not, but it seems the conflict will continue for Jamie and his family. Perhaps the negativity from his father and sister finally pushed him over the edge and he did indeed try to kill both of them in the season three finale. It is a theory that many Yellowstone fans believe to be realistic.

With the fourth season of Yellowstone on the way, the quest for answers is almost upon us.