‘Yellowstone’ TV: Does Jefferson White Starring in ‘6666’ Mean He Survived Season 3 Finale?

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone fans will have familiar faces in Walker’s Ryan Bingham and Jefferson White’s fan-favorite Jimmy Hurdstrom when spinoff 6666 hits Paramount+. But this has viewers wondering – will this new show take place in the past, or is it set in the future?

If you’ve finished Yellowstone Season 3 – and that nerve-wracking season finale – then you know why we’re asking this question. If Jimmy will appear in 6666, then does this mean he survives his second “near-fatal” rodeo incident?

Jimmy’s first horrific rodeo incident about cost him his life, love, and everything in between. But girlfriend Mia’s hold over him is too strong. So when she tells Jimmy he needs to get back out on the horse and compete again – he does so.

Young, ignorant Jimmy Hurdstrom, however, had no business doing so. He was still in recovery from his first round of severe injuries. Despite his own reluctance, Mia pushed him – and pushed him too far.

Jimmy gets back out into the rodeo for the Yellowstone Season 3 finale… and winds up flat on his back once more. Viewers are led to believe the young ranch hand is either dead, or close to it – just like the Dutton family.

How Could ‘Yellowstone’s Jimmy Factor into ‘6666’ Spinoff?

So how, then, is he going to feature in 6666? Is Jimmy to make a miraculous recovery – again? And if so, why would he ever break away from Rip Wheeler, John Dutton, and the rest of his adoptive Yellowstone family? Moreover, how could he break away? Jimmy is a branded man! There’s no leaving as a branded man… unless…

This leads us to believe that – if the spinoff takes place congruently with Yellowstone – that Jimmy indeed does survive S3 & 4, and John Dutton may have some business with the 6666 ranchers. We’ve seen other branded characters off the ranch before (see Wade Morrow) – but it didn’t work out to well for them…

Additionally, this all applies to Walker, as well. We’re already chomping at the bit to see how his role plays out in Season 4 after that very unexpected Season 3 return. Consider us highly intrigued!

Regardless of how it all pans out, The Hollywood Reporter does indeed confirm that both Walker’s Ryan Bingham and Jefferson White’s fan-favorite Jimmy Hurdstrom will star in 6666. And with the real-life Four Sixes ranch standing as the most fascinating in American history, the show is set to be every bit as brilliant as Yellowstone.

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