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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Does Jefferson White Starring in ‘6666’ Confirm His Death in Season 3 Finale?

by Jon D. B.
Photo credit: Paramount Network / Viacom

Jefferson White’s fan-favorite Jimmy Hurdstrom is set to star in Yellowstone spinoff 6666. While this is exciting for viewers, it leaves us with many questions before the show hits Paramount+.

Yellowstone have familiar faces to look forward to on 6666. Alongside Jefferson White, Walker’s Ryan Bingham will also saddle up for the spinoff. But what does this mean, exactly? With both men being bound to Yellowstone Ranch – wouldn’t death be the only way they’re leaving? Be warned, the rest of this article contains massive spoilers for Yellowstone.

Does White’s casting on 6666 mean he’s truly dead at the end of Season 3? Let’s break down what we know.

Firstly, if you’ve finished Yellowstone Season 3‘s nerve-wracking season finale – then you know why we’re asking such spoiler-y questions. If Jimmy will appear in 6666, then surely he’s dead at the end of Season 3, right? Honestly, we’re sure it has to mean the opposite. Here’s why:

How Can Jimmy Fit Into ‘6666’ Yellowstone Spinoff?

Firstly, if Jefferson White is to feature in 6666, then we can be 99.9% sure he’s playing Jimmy Hurdstrom, as it is a direct spinoff of Yellowstone. To feature two of the same actors in the same universe – but playing different characters – is an asinine suggestion, isn’t it? Audiences wouldn’t but it for a second, and Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan is too smart for this.

Secondly – we can also be 99.9% sure that 6666 either takes place alongside- or after – Yellowstone due to Jimmy’s presence. Why? Remember when Rip found Jimmy’s sorry ass? The criminal knew nothing of ranching, and remains a work-in-progress all the way through Seasons 1-3. As such, we can assume he’s not playing a younger version of himself in the spinoff – because he’d certainly have some ranching experience, right?

All of this considered, is Jimmy to make a miraculous recovery… again… and survive onto 6666? But why would he ever break away from Rip Wheeler, John Dutton, and the rest of his adoptive Yellowstone family? Moreover, how could he break away? How will they explain this? Jimmy is a branded man! There’s no leaving as a branded man… unless…

This leads us to believe in our previous coverage that Jimmy indeed does survive Seasons 3 & 4, and John Dutton may have some business with the 6666 ranchers. We’ve seen other branded characters off the ranch before (see Wade Morrow) – but it didn’t work out to well for them. Perhaps Jimmy will be different. We sure hope so, as he’s remained loyal and loving to his fellow ranchers so far.

In addition, this all applies to Walker, too, with Ryan Bingham joining 6666 as well. And after that very unexpected Season 3 return, we already cannot wait to see how his in Season 4 arc turns out.

Regardless, The Hollywood Reporter confirms that both actors will star in 6666. For all we know about the real-life 6666, head on over to ’Yellowstone’s ‘6666’ Spinoff: What to Know About the Show’s Setting, Four Sixes Ranch next.