‘Yellowstone’ TV: Does Jimmy Find a New Love Interest in Season 4?

by Thad Mitchell

One of the more interesting subplots to the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” is the love life of ranch hand Jimmy Hurdstrom.

Since being introduced in season one of “Yellowstone,” Jimmy has quietly become a favorite among fans. The quirky but lovable ranch hand turns from a life of crime to join the ranch. He didn’t really have a lot of say in the matter as Rip Wheeler stands over him with a scolding hot branding iron. Nevertheless, Jimmy goes from methamphetamine cook to a valued member of Yellowstone Ranch. His cowboy skills are very limited but he tries hard and puts his best effort into most everything. That quality is a reason why fans of the show have fallen in love with the character.

Fans were elated when Jimmy was given a love interest in an earlier season. After taking up rodeo and getting good at it, he meets “buckle bunny” Mia and the two hit it off. According to fellow Yellowstone ranch hand Lloyd, a “buckle bunny” is a young lady who hangs out at rodeos with hopes of snagging her dream cowboys. After severely injuring himself in a rodeo incident, Mia arrives at the hospital to “comfort” him. From there the relationship grows to the delight of “Yellowstone” fans. But, Jimmy’s injury puts everything into jeopardy as well as his boss, John Dutton, pays for his medical bills under the condition that he quits the rodeo. This does not sit well with Mia, who wants Jimmy to continue pursuing the rodeo.

‘Yellowstone’ Love Story Could Chane in Season Four

With their relationship at a crossroads, “Yellowstone” fans are speculating that Jimmy and Mia could split up. If that were to happen, Jimmy could be in line for a new romance. Adding fuel to the fire is the recent announcements of new cast members for the upcoming fourth season. Actress Katheryn Kelly will join the “Yellowstone” cast for season four, according to the announcement. Kelly will play Emily, a vet technician that will reportedly “form a bond with a cowboy from the Dutton Ranch. Whether that cowboy is Jimmy or not remains to be seen but the speculation certainly points that way.

Before any of this can happen, “Yellowstone” will have to reveal Jimmy’s fate from the third season finale. We last see Jimmy attempting to get back up on that horse as season three concludes. The bucking horse easily bucks him off and Jimmy takes a hard fall to the ground below. The last image we have of the poor ranch hand is of him lying on the ground face down with his eyes closed. Jimmy could be dead, alive or gravely injured heading into the new season.

With a fall return on tap for the fourth season of “Yellowstone” our wait for answers will soon come to an end.