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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Does Kayce Dutton Have Unforeseen Enemies From His Time in the Navy?

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Does Kayce Dutton have an unforeseen enemy from his past time in the Navy as a SEAL? Leave it to “Yellowstone” to throw that at us.

“Yellowstone” is full of unexpected twists and turns. Enemies in Montana come flying out of the woodworks, and around every turn, a new person or company is trying to take over the ranch or kill off the Duttons. Could “Yellowstone” season four give us a new enemy? One that is highly trained in combat?

Navy SEAL Kayce Dutton

If you recall, Kayce Dutton was once a Navy SEAL prior to the start of “Yellowstone.” Why did he go? Does it all stem from his savior complex or was it his daddy issue with John after being branded against his will that ultimately forced him to find comfort in the military?

Furthermore, Kayce Dutton had a traumatized childhood. One that involved watching his mother die and guarding her dead body in a field against predators like wolves. That’s enough to change a young and impressionable child.

Is there why Kayce went to the military? To help others that are seen as helpless, just as he and his mother were on that dreadful day?

Regardless, when Kayce met a girl at a bar and took her home, she later found herself pregnant with his child. He wasn’t going to abandon his new little family, and he fell in love with Monica. He decides to make things official and marry her. To provide for his family Kayce flees for the Navy. He excels in the profession and completes his Navy SEAL training.

Kayce Dutton may have told Monica the military was a good way to make a living while also proving himself to her. However, I assume he was running from his problems back home in Montana.

Is There a Potential Military Trained Enemy?

Although, while in the military, did Kayce Dutton burn a few bridges? Could that be who called the attacks on the Duttons in “Yellowstone” season three? Is the villain some unnamed foreign enemy that will rear their ugly head in season four? Or is this enemy not foreign but domestic, and someone that Kayce wronged while climbing the military ranks?

Heck, so far, the enemies we have seen are hardly that dangerous. We have already established that the Beck Brothers are the worst the “Yellowstone” has seen thus far, but how about a highly trained military personnel and not two bolo-tie-wearing Texas businessmen. Even the militia group they hired was nothing compared to a worried father in the form of Kayce Dutton.

What if Kayce has finally met his match? On the other hand, why would this military person have it out for Beth and John and not his wife and son?

If you are wondering when we can finally see “Yellowstone” season four, get in line. Unfortunately, there is still no word on a release date. At this point, it is like a teasing mirage in the distance.