‘Yellowstone’ TV: Does Kelly Reilly’s New ‘6666’ Horseback Pic Confirm Involvement in Spinoff?

by Jon D. B.

Look, we don’t want to jump to any conclusions, but “Yellowstone”s own Beth Dutton is literally riding horses across the real-life 6666 ranch at the moment…

Let’s cut straight to the chase with some massive “Yellowstone” Season 3 finale spoilers: Beth Dutton should be in a thousand pieces. Yet fans and fellow Outsiders know – we feel it in our bones – that she’s still alive. Where would Paramount’s most brilliant show be without Beth Dutton? She’s irreplaceable.

And now, the equally irreplaceable actress who’s given us “Yellowstone”s best character is up to something down in Texas. Is the actress simply touring the Lone Star State? Or is she gearing up for something far more interesting? Like a role in the upcoming “Yellowstone” spinoff “6666” that is based on the exact location she’s riding in at this very moment!?

“Dream come true riding out on the 6666 ranch today,” Kelly Reilly shares to her Instagram Friday. Within, she posts a gorgeous shot from her horseback perspective out into the wide expanses of America’s most infamous ranch, 6666:

Will ‘Yellowstone’s Beth Dutton Rock ‘6666’s World, Too?

For a bit of catch-up, “Yellowstone” studio Paramount Network has two new spinoffs in the works for their highly successful show. First up is a period-piece prequel, “Yellowstone: 1883.” Then, “6666” will take “Yellowstone” alums Jefferson White & Ryan Bingham down to the most famous ranch in U.S. history of the same name.

Will Kelly Reilly be joining them? If not, then she’s sure got us fooled with this most recent post. Especially when combined with her recent Texas company of show-creator Taylor Sheridan’s wife.

While we would absolutely love to see as much of Beth Dutton as possible, it is worth noting that the character herself really loathes ranching. She finally overcame her fear of horses, sure, but her #1 “place to be” has never, ever been her family’s Yellowstone Ranch. In fact, she tells her father, Kevin Costner’s John Dutton, over and over that she’s only doing “all of this” for him. If not for her fierce love for and loyalty to her father, she’d be long gone. Again.

So what could possibly make Beth a part of “6666”? Business.

Good or bad, anything to do with the almighty dollar that could possibly arise between the Duttons and 6666 would have John sending his daughter straight to the source. But will this be the case?

Regardless, “6666” is also a true, blue ranch in Texas, and has one of the most remarkable histories of any institution in America. Thanks to Reilly’s latest Instagram posts, it is obvious the “Yellowstone” star is currently seeing as much of the state as she can. First on her list was saying “hi” to Willie Nelson via his famous Austin bronze statue. And the rest – well – you’ve read above.

For our part, we cannot wait to see where “Yellowstone” Season 4 – and possibly “6666” – take Beth Dutton.