‘Yellowstone’ TV: Does the ‘Method’ That Kayce Dutton’s Attackers Used Reveal Their Identity

by Thad Mitchell
'Yellowstone' TV Does the 'Method' That Kayce Dutton's Attackers Used Reveal Their Identity

After the cliffhanging finale of the third season of “Yellowstone” end, fans of the Paramount Network series began trying to solve the puzzle.

The puzzle, of course, is the clues leading up to the attack on the Dutton family as season three concludes. To refresh your memory — three members of the prominent ranching family come under attack in the waning seconds of the finale. John Dutton is gunned down on the side of the road as assists a young family with a flat tire. Beth Dutton is the recipient of a package bomb that explodes inside her office. Kayce Dutton is also bum-rushed by masked gunmen as he sits in his office. Kayce is able to flip his desk over and take cover behind it.

Since the finale, “Yellowstone” fans have been trying to analyze the attacks in order to figure out who carries them out. A popular theory states all three attacks were carried by three different entities. With that in mind, a “Yellowstone” fan thinks they are onto something in regards to the ambush on Kayce’s office. The fan spills out their theory in a recent Reddit thread. The poster also says the style of attack on Kayce might just be a clue to who is behind it.

“We all saw it, Kayce is in his office, there are shots fired, he flips over his desk for cover and we see one guy rush in,” the Redditor writes. “We see one guy, there could be more.”

According to this “Yellowstone” fan, this method of attack matches up with a faction we saw in season two.

“A broad daylight attack on a government official, in his office, by rushing in with guns?” the fan says. “If you don’t think it’s the militia, please make a case.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fan Suspects Militia in Kayce Attack

The militia, if you recall from the second season, is the faction hired by the Beck Brothers to kidnap and hold Tate Dutton. Once they are found, the militia is little match for the Dutton family and their strike team. Led by Kayce, a former Navy Seal, the Dutton team easily dispatches the militia and recovers Tate. This fan theory suggests that the attack on Kayce is payback for the deaths of many militia members.

“The method is the militia style,” the Redditor says. “And assuming the Duttons didn’t get all the militia during the raid to get Tate there would be some left holding a grudge.”

The second season militia doesn’t get brought up often as suspects behind the attacks. This is likely because “Yellowstone” fans assume them to all be dead and they aren’t mentioned in season three.

It is perhaps not a likely scenario but is one that is completely plausible given the circumstances.

With a new season just around the corner, answers are coming soon for “Yellowstone” fans.