‘Yellowstone’ TV: Does This Dutton Family Member Make the Worst Decisions of Them All?

by Thad Mitchell
Photo courtesy of Paramount Network

The new season of hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” is growing near and fans of the show cannot wait.

The internet is buzzing with Yellowstone fans who want nothing more than for the fourth season to hurry up and get here. Unfortunately for these fans, the new season is still a few months away with a premiere coming early this summer. Still, watchers have to get their Yellowstone fix somehow and many have taken to online message board communities to discuss the show.

Websites like Reddit and various other social media sites are full of Yellowstone discussion. Fans seem to enjoy theorizing and speculating on what will occur in season four of the show. There is another group of watchers who have just begun their journey on the Dutton Ranch. These Yellowstone “newbies” are full of questions and veteran fans are more than happy to share their expertise.

In a recent Reddit thread, a first-time Yellowstone watcher has some tough criticism of Kayce Dutton. The poster admits they are new to the show but wants to know why Kayce continues making poor decisions.

“Why is Kayce such a colossal f*** up?” the Reddit user asks. “Like dude, can you go five minutes without making an unimaginably ignorant decision?”

‘Yellowstone’: Is Kayce a Troublemaker?

It is a legitimate question for a rookie Yellowstone fan. Kayce spends most of the first season getting into and out of trouble. Though his intentions typically seem to be in the right place, he regularly gets caught up in a dangerous situation.

The first season saw Kayce leave his son, Tate, in a drainage pipe where he is attacked by a rattlesnake. Tate survives the attack but Kayce isn’t likely to receive any votes for “father of the year” after the incident. However, to be fair, Kayce was trying to go save a young girl from predators.

The former Navy Seal and son of ranch owner John Dutton also get in several fights and kills several men in the first season. Most notably, he kills Monica’s brother in a dispute between the Dutton ranch and the Broken Rock Reservation over cattle. Dealing with PTSD from his time in the service, he struggles to maintain a positive relationship with his wife Monica.

Fellow Reddit users and veteran fans of Yellowstone tell the poster to remain patient as Kayce’s character arc is one of the best on the show.

“He is the farthest from being a f*** up,” another poster says. “I would have to say you aren’t very far in the show.”

Indeed Kayce does find redemption in the latter seasons of Yellowstone. He takes over his father’s role on the Montana Livestock Association, makes up with Monica and improves upon his relationship with his son. He’s even made such an impression with the livestock association that several members are asking him to consider a run for governor. Governor Kayce Dutton — that would make for some interesting storylines.

Before going overboard with potential Kayce plot lines, you have to first consider that his fate is up in the air. Viewers last saw him ducking under a desk to avoid gun fire from an unknown attacker. It is entirely possible that he is hurt or even dead.

Yellowstone fans certainly hope that isn’t the case and we get more of Kayce Dutton in season four.